London Olympics 2012 -2

Published: Wednesday 3rd August 2011
  1. In which city did the vote take place which awarded the 2012 games to London?
  2. How many cities have hosted the Olympic Games on THREE occasions?
  3. Where were the Beach Volleyball events be held at the 2012 London Olympics?
  4. Which famous film director headed the creative team for the opening ceremony at the 2012 London Olympics?
  5. Where were the sailing events held at the 2012 London Olympics?
  6. How many beds were in the Olympic village at the 2012 London Olympics?
  7. Which FOUR towns in Wales were visited by the 2012 London Olympics Torch Relay?
  8. Which TWO events were held in Hyde Park at the 2012 London Olympics?
  9. In which Olympics did Lord Coe win his TWO gold medals?
  10. Where did the Rowing events take place at the 2012 London Olympics?
  11. Where were the medals for the 2012 London Olympics made?
  12. Which Royal Palace will act as an 2012 London Olympics venue?
  13. Although London will be known as the XXX Olympics, only 26 previous events have taken place, which ones were missed and why?
  14. Which venue hosted the Shooting Events for the 2012 London Olympics?
  15. Which TWO sports that were featured in 2008 will not take place in 2012 London Olympics?
  16. Which was the FIRST of the new 2012 London Olympic park venues to be completed?
  17. Which FIVE stadia OUTSIDE London were used in the Football competition for the 2012 London Olympics?
  18. Who was the first person to dive into the 2012 London Olympics diving pool?
  19. Where was the turf used for the field of play in the 2012 London Olympics Stadium grown?
  20. At 246 Hectares in area, the 2012 London Olympics Park is equivalent in size to which other London Park?
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