Quiz of 2011

Published: Saturday 24th December 2011
  1. 2011 has been a crisis year for the Euro, but which nation became the 17th to adopt the currency on January 1st 2011?
  2. The newspaper, "The News of the World" published its last edition on 7th July 2011 following the phone-hacking scandal, when was it first published?
  3. Who won the following sporting events in 2011, [a] The FA Cup, [b] The Heineken Cup, [c] The Boat Race, [d] The US Open Golf Championship and [e] The Grand National
  4. What celebrated its 20th birthday on 6th August 2011?
  5. Who played the role of Princess Fiona when "Shrek-The Musical" opened in London's West End on June 14th 2011?
  6. After a series of sex scandals and growing fiscal problems Italy's Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi finally resigned on 16th November 2011, who replaced him in the role?
  7. Which country was widely reported as banning Marmite in May 2011?
  8. The Formula 1 season 2011 was dominated by Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel, which was the only Grand Prix to be won by Ferrari and who was the driver?
  9. On May 2nd 2011 Osama Bin Laden was killed by US troops, in which Pakistan town was he found?
  10. ITV's "X Factor" had more than its fair share of controversy in 2011 with new judges falling out and then phoning in sick, accusations of bullying and finally the expulsion of Frankie Cocozza due to drug allegations, but who was Frankie's mentor?
  11. Roger Hargreaves published the first Mr Men book 40 years ago in 1971, which was the first Mr Man book to be published?
  12. Who did the following marry in 2011, [a] Justine Thornton, [b] Abby Clancy, [c]Jamie Hince, [d] Mike Tindall and [e] Rachel Weisz
  13. Who were the bridesmaids at the wedding of William and Catherine in April 2011?
  14. Newcastle United's ground has been known as St. James Park since 1892, by what name will it now be known by?
  15. What was the name of the controversial travellers site in Crays Hill, Essex that was cleared in October 2011?
  16. Who won the Mercury music prize for the second time in 2011?
  17. Since the Republic of Southern Sudan gained it's independence in July 2011, which country has replaced Sudan as the largest country in Africa?
  18. According to the Forbes list published in July who were the highest paid actor and actresses of 2010?
  19. In December 2011 scientists at the Kepler space telescope discovered an earth-like planet a mere 600 light years away from us, what "catchy" name did they give the planet?
  20. Who took over presenting Channel Fours "Countdown" in January 2012?
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