A King Quiz.

Published: Saturday 22nd April 2023A special quiz in honour of the coronation of King Charles III.
  1. Which British progressive rock band's original members included Robert Fripp and Greg Lake?
  2. According to the nursery rhyme, what was the first thing that Old King Cole called for ?
  3. The Elvis Presley movie "King Creole" was based the novel "A Stone for Danny Fisher", who wrote the book?
  4. With which sport would you primarily associate Don King?
  5. Who composed "In the Hall of the Mountain King", part of his Peer Gynt suite?
  6. In which US city was Martin Luther King Jnr. assassinated in April 1968?
  7. Which song from the Disney movie "The Lion King" won the Oscar for Best Original Song?
  8. Which financial role was held by Mervyn King from 2003 to 2013?
  9. On which Beatles album was the track "Sun King" originally released?
  10. Who is credited with the invention of the safety razor?
  11. How many Wimbledon singles titles were won by Billie Jean King?
  12. In the 1956 movie of Rodgers and Hammerstein's "The King and I", who plays the King of Siam?
  13. In which fictional city is the US animated sit-com "King of the Hill" set?
  14. Who took "The King of Wishful Thinking" into the UK top 20 in 1990?
  15. What is the name of the Tony Award winning musical based on the music of Carole King?
  16. Who won a Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of King George VI in "The King's Speech"?
  17. Under which pseudonym did Stephen King write "The Running Man" and "Thinner"?
  18. Who had a number one hit on both sides of the Atlantic in the 1960s with "King of the Road"?
  19. Radio presenter and former Saturdays member Mollie King is engaged to which English cricketer?
  20. Which classic 1933 movie ends with the line "It was Beauty killed the Beast"?
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