Big Quiz of 2015 - Answers

Published: Friday 18th December 2015
  1. Lithuania officially adopted the Euro as its currency on January 1st 2015, what currency did it replace? Litas.
  2. Who represented the United Kingdom in the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest finishing in 24th place (out of 27) with five points? Electro Velvet with "Still in Love With You".
  3. A painting entitled "Les Femmes d'Alger" sold for a record $179.3m at auction in May 2015, who was the artist? Pablo Picasso.
  4. Which two former Chancellors of the Exchequer both passed away in 2015? Denis Healey & Geoffrey Howe.
  5. Which movie released in 2015 became the first non-Disney animated film to gross over $1 billion at the box office? Minions.
  6. What is the full names of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge's daughter born on 2nd May 2015? Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.
  7. Which team beat England 2-1 after extra time in the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup to eliminate them in the semi-final? Japan.
  8. Which TV soap celebrated its 5000th episode in January 2015? Eastenders.
  9. Which politician said he would "publicly eat his hat" if the exit polls of the 2015 UK General Election proved to be correct? Paddy Ashdown (They were and he didn't).
  10. Which city subjected runners to the World's longest half marathon in November 2015 after adding an extra four miles to the race? Bangkok.
  11. Which former Spice Girl married motor racing executive Christian Horner in May 2015? Geri Halliwell (Ginger).
  12. Which motor manufacturer in November 2015 admitted rigging diesel emission tests affecting upwards of 10 million vehicles Worldwide? Volkswagen.
  13. Who substituted for Sir Terry Wogan in 2015's "Children in Need" appeal after the regular presenter pulled out with a bad back? Dermot O'Leary.
  14. Which country in May 2015 became the first to legalise same-sex marriage as a result of a referendum? Ireland.
  15. Which English actor swept the boards in 2015 winning the Academy Award, the Golden Globe, the Screen Actors Gold Award and the Bafta for Best Actor? Eddie Redmayne for "The Theory of Everything".
  16. Which sports event will be moving to Sky TV next year ending 61 years of free-to-air coverage by the BBC? The Open Golf Championship.
  17. Which film star replaced Arnold Schwarzenegger in the TV ads for Comparethemarket .com? Nicole Kidman.
  18. Which artist topped the UK Album Charts in November 2015, 59 years after his first number one album? Elvis Presley -"If I Can Dream".
  19. Who were the winners of the following sporting events of 2015, [a] FA Cup, [b] Super Bowl XLIX, [c] Cricket World Cup, [d] Rugby Union World Cup and [e] African Cup of Nations? [a] Arsenal, [b] New England Patriots, [c] Australia, [d] New Zealand and [e] Ivory Coast.
  20. Which British singer won four Grammys at the 2015 Annual Award ceremony? Sam Smith.
  21. The World Health Organisation declared in April 2015 that which disease had been eradicated from both North and South America? Rubella.
  22. Australian authoress Colleen McCullough sadly passed away in January 2015, for which book is she best known? "The Thorn Birds".
  23. Who were the winners of the following cultural prizes of 2015, [a] The Mercury Music Prize, [b] The Man Booker Prize for Fiction, [c] The Turner Prize and [d] The Bailey's Women's Prize for Literature? [a] Benjamin Clementine -"At Least for Now", [b] Marlon James - "A Brief History of Seven Killings",[c] Assemble - "Granby Four Streets Project" and [d] Ali Smith - "How to be Both".
  24. Who rode Many Clouds to victory in the 2015 Grand National, the jockey's second win in two years? Leighton Aspell.
  25. Who replaced Dara O'Briain in 2015 as the host of TV's "The Apprentice - You're Fired"? Jack Dee.
  26. Which organisation was prevented from showing an advert in British cinemas in November 2015? The Church of England.
  27. In a survey conducted in 2015 Bournemouth have been named as the Premier League side with the most attractive fans, which team's fans came bottom in the looks league? Chelsea.
  28. Which course hosted the 2015 Open Golf Championship? St Andrews.
  29. Why did the 2015 series of "Britain's Got Talent" end in controversy? The winning act Jules O'Dwyer and her dog Matisse used a "stunt" dog in the final.
  30. When she was elected in May 2015, the SNP member for Paisley and Renfrewshire South became the youngest British MP for 135 years, what is her name? Mhari Black.
  31. Which British city did the US Fox News describe in 2015 as being a "no go area' and "totally Muslim"? Birmingham.
  32. Who joined the team on Radio 4's "Today" programme in 2015 after stepping down as the BBC's political editor? Nick Robinson.
  33. Published in July 2015 what was the title of Harper Lee's follow-up to "To Kill a Mockingbird"? "Go Set a Watchman".
  34. In December 2015 Great Britain defeated Belgium to win the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936, who did they beat in that earlier final? Australia.
  35. Which country voted to remove the Union Jack from their nation's flag in 2015? Fiji.
  36. Which female singer topped the UK charts in 2015 with singles entitled "Hold my Hand" and "Don't be so Hard on Yourself"? Jess Glynne.
  37. Pat Eddery, champion jockey on eleven occasions sadly died in November 2015 aged 63, how many times did he ride a Derby winner? Three (1975, 1982 & 1990).
  38. Which team beat Scotland in cricket's World Cup in 2015 to achieve their first ever victory in the competition? Afganistan.
  39. Who was axed as a judge from the next series of "The Voice UK" apparently without any consultation? Sir Tom Jones.
  40. What was the name of the storm that caused floods and devastation to Carlisle and the surrounding area in early December 2015? Storm Desmond.
  41. Who left One Direction in March 2015? Zayn Malik.
  42. The 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo was commemorated in October 2015, in which modern day country would you find the battlefield? Belgium.
  43. Tiffany Two, the World's oldest cat passed away in San Diego in May 2015, how old was she? 27 years and 2 months (or 125 cat years).
  44. In which city did Tyson Fury defeat Vladimir Klitschko to become World Heavyweight Champion in December 2015? Dusseldorf.
  45. Who is to replace Stephen Fry as the presenter of "QI" at the end of the 2015 series? Sandi Toksvig.
  46. Who starred as Thomas Cromwell in the 2015 BBC adaption of Hilary Mantell's novel, "Wolf Hall"? Mark Rylance.
  47. Against which Premiership side did Leicester City's Jamie Vardy fail to score thus ending his record breaking run of scoring in 11 consecutive league matches? Swansea City on 5th December 2015.
  48. Which album released in 2015 became the fastest selling UK album of all time? "25" by Adele.
  49. The last novel of author Terry Pratchett who passed away in 2015 was published in August, what was its title? "The Shepherd's Crown".
  50. Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the UK Labour Party in September 2015, what was revealed as his unusual hobby? Photographing manhole covers.


  1. Ben says:

    Q5 – I think that’s supposed to be $1bn

  2. KensQuiz says:

    Thanks Ben.

  3. QuizzicAl says:

    Perfect timing Ken, needed a quiz to finish 2015 off. This is just the ticket. Keep up the good work. Many thanks.

  4. Damien Walsh says:

    Hi Didn’t New Zealand legalise gay marriage in August 2013

  5. chris says:

    Great quiz thank you

  6. Mike Major says:

    Absolutely brilliant quiz Ken! Fantastic questions, exactly what I was after for a Christmas quiz post-dinner!

  7. Vanquished says:

    Quite a few countries legalized same sex marriage….one as far back as 2000.

  8. KensQuiz says:

    Yes but Ireland were the first to have it legalised as a result of a referendum.

  9. Hey Jude says:

    Thank you for this – i thought i was going to struggle for my hogmanay party quiz – but this is fabulous. Many many thanks
    and Happy New Year when it comes

  10. Thrasher says:

    Lovely quizzing Kenny, top notch family fun.

  11. Jackie Smith says:

    Thanks Ken. A brilliant quiz as usual. Happy New Year to you x

  12. Paul Taylor says:

    Tip top Ken. Good mix.

  13. Di Luck says:

    When I run out of ideas (which is quite often!) I find your quizzes invaluable – thank you

  14. Daniel says:


  15. Ricky Neil says:

    Best quiz of the year I have ever seen Ken, not too difficult or full of obscure references that the average quizzer will never get …Happy New Year mate and keep up the good work…

  16. Paul says:

    Excellent quiz Ken, ideal for my monthly quiz tonight which happens to be a look back at 2015 quiz! Many thanks.

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