Big Quiz of 2019

Published: Tuesday 24th December 2019A free quiz about the people and events of 2019.
  1. Which album became the UK number one in October 2019, fifty years after its original release?
  2. Which three major sporting events took place on "Super Sunday", July 14th 2019?
  3. Which movie released in April 2019 became the highest grossing movie of all time?
  4. What was the name of the dog that Boris Johnson took into 10 Downing Street in 2019?
  5. Who in June 2019 became the oldest winner of Britain's Got Talent?
  6. The travel company Thomas Cook unfortunately went bust in 2019 after over 175 years of organising holidays. Where was their first excursion to in 1841?
  7. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex gave birth to their first son Archie in May 2019, where is he in line to the British throne?
  8. Which computer scientist did BBC viewers vote as "The Most Iconic Figure of the 20th Century" in July 2019?
  9. Which politician was caught on camera in April 2019 illegally drinking a can of mojito on a London transport train?
  10. Who described herself in British Vogue magazine as being "not single but self-partnered"?
  11. Despite being nominated and subsequently winning the Best Pop Vocal Album award, which female singer declined an invitation to perform at the 2019 Grammy awards due to alleged bullying?
  12. What was the name of South Africa's Rugby Union World Cup 2019 winning captain?
  13. Despite Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg being favourite the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Prime Minister of which country?
  14. Which former dictator's body was exhumed and moved to a new resting place in October 2019?
  15. Why was the Derbyshire town of Whaley Bridge evacuated in August 2019?
  16. Who were the celebrity winners in 2019 of the following reality TV programmes, [a] Celebrity Masterchef, [b] Strictly Come Dancing, [c] X Factor:Celebrity and [d] I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here?
  17. Which parliamentary constituency was the first to successfully remove their MP by means of a recall petition in May 2019?
  18. Tiger Roll won the 2019 Grand National for the second year running, which horse completed the same feat in 1973 & 1974?
  19. In March 2019 a British Airways plane bound for Düsseldorf landed in which Scottish airport by mistake?
  20. Rose Hudson-Wilkin became in 2019 the first Black Woman bishop in the Church of England, where is she Bishop of?
  21. Protest have taken place in Hong Kong throughout 2019 against extradition legislation but what is the name of the Chief Executive that the protesters are demanding resign?
  22. In which role did Simon Armitage succeed Carol Ann Duffy in May 2019?
  23. Who resigned as leader of the Scottish Conservatives in August 2019 citing personal reasons?
  24. With the scores level after 50 overs and after a "super over" how did England win the 2019 Cricket World Cup?
  25. What movie was pulled from the cinema chain Vue after a mass brawl in November 2019?
  26. In which country would you find Mirazur, voted the World's best restaurant in 2019?
  27. What did Channel 4 replace PM Boris Johnson with after he refused to part in an election debate in November 2019?
  28. What did Greggs introduce into their stores in January 2019?
  29. Which Yorkshire village was cut off by floods when the River Don burst its banks in November 2019?
  30. With over 1.5 million followers on Twitter and 282,000 subscribers on YouTube, which internet sensation sadly passed away in May 2019 aged 7?
  31. Which organisation founded in October 2018, brought London and many other cities to a halt in 2019?
  32. Who did the BBC announce in June 2019 would be losing their free TV licences?
  33. One of the biggest casualties of the 2019 General Election was long-serving Labour MP Dennis Skinner. Which Derbyshire constituency had he served since June 1970?
  34. Which country in May 2019 became the first Asian country to legalise same sex marriages?
  35. According to a survey by Lloyds Bank in February 2019 which university city is the least affordable place to live in the UK?
  36. Who in February 2019 became the oldest manager of a English Premier League team?
  37. Which TV series that had its finale in 2019 caused controversy with thousands of fans demanding it should be remade with a different ending?
  38. What was the name of the female darts player who made history in December 2019 by defeating two (at time of writing) men in the PDC World Championship?
  39. Famous for her novel "The Handmaid's Tale", which author was joint winner of the 2019 Booker Prize alongside Bernardine Evaristo?
  40. Who in December 2019 became the oldest male solo artist to score a UK number 1 album?
  41. Lasting 4 hours and 57 minutes, who finally won the longest Wimbledon Men's Single Final in 2019?
  42. What did Liverpool Street, Kings Cross & Edinburgh Waverley stations become the last to remove in April 2019?
  43. In May 2019 we lost motor racing legend Niki Lauda aged 70, how many times did he win the F1 World Championship?
  44. What role has Welshman Steve Bray played in Westminster throughout 2019?
  45. Which famous person set sail on 14 August 2019 from Plymouth abroad the yacht Malizia II?
  46. A masterpiece by which artist was rediscovered in Cardiff in November 2019, having been thought of as a crude copy for over 50 years?
  47. What was adopted by Collins dictionary as the Word of the Year 2019?
  48. What title did Trump win in Sheffield in May 2019?
  49. What three word slogan did the Conservatives use to win the 2019 General Election?
  50. Sanna Marin at 34 became the World's youngest serving Prime Minister in December 2019, what country is she from?
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