Big Quiz of 2022

Published: Saturday 24th December 2022A free quiz about the people, personalities and events of 2022.
  1. 2022 gave us both the sovereign with the longest reign together with the Prime Minister with the shortest time in office, in total how many different PM's served during Queen Elizabeth II's reign?
  2. Which company in January 2022 became the first to have a $3 trillion market valuation?
  3. In June the professional golf tour known as LIV golf was founded causing sanction to be made by the PGA against defectors. What does LIV stand for?
  4. The BBC celebrated its centenary in 2022, which of the following was the call sign of the first radio station in 1922, [a] BBC1, [b] Radio1, [c] 2LO or [d] 22AD?
  5. In March the wreck of "Endurance" was found in the Weddell Sea, which famous explorer's ship was it?
  6. With which African country did the UK sign an agreement in April 2022 to relocate illegal immigrants?
  7. England won the EUFA Women's European Championship in July 2022, who scored their winning goal in the final?
  8. What did a picture of distant star "Proxima Centauri" from the James Webb Space Telescope turn out to be?
  9. Author Dame Hilary Mantel died aged 70 in September 2022, which two of her books both won the Booker Prize?
  10. What tinned fruit featured in the prize winning pudding in the Queen's Jubilee Competition?
  11. The Duchess of Cambridge read the bedtime story on CBeebies in February, what bird featured in the story she read?
  12. Selling for $195m (�158m) in May 2022 which artist created the most expensive piece of 20th Century art to be sold at auction?
  13. Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) and Bruce Springsteen joined which rock superstar on stage at Glastonbury in June of this year?
  14. Bruce Kent passed away in June 2022, in which politically active organisation did he hold leadership roles from the 1960s onwards?
  15. What name was given by the tabloid press to the High Court libel trial of Rooney vs Vardy?
  16. Who did Will Smith slap the face of at the Oscars in March 2022?
  17. MP Neil Parish was suspended from the House of Commons for watching pornography on his phone, what did he say he was searching for?
  18. Who did the Queen share marmalade sandwiches with at her Jubilee celebrations in June?
  19. Which team, in May, became the first to lose three successive FA Cup Finals?
  20. Kate Bush scored a UK number one in June 2022 with "Running Up That Hill", 37 years after its first release, due to it being featured in which Netflix TV series?
  21. Glasgow restauranteur Ali Ahmed Aslam died in December, which dish is he often credited with inventing?
  22. It was announced in October that production of which popular British car would cease in June of 2023?
  23. Which city hosted the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest?
  24. Which two legends of Australian cricket both passed away on March 4th 2022?
  25. Launched in February 2022, what is the name of the social-media platform founded by Donald Trump?
  26. Which song in January became the first original song from a Disney movie to top the UK singles chart?
  27. Which company in March 2022 made 800 members of staff redundant with immediate effect by video call or text?
  28. Which town in Wales was amongst the eight who were granted City status as part of the Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations?
  29. What 10ft high mechanical animal was the star of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Commonwealth Games?
  30. In October who became the first person to occupy the whole of Billboards US Top Ten singles chart?
  31. Which animals were re-introduced into Kent in July 2022 after an absence of over a thousand years?
  32. Although they were knocked out at the quarter-final stage at the FIFA World Cup, England did win the Fair Play Trophy for gaining the least yellow cards, how many did they receive?
  33. Although the media concentrated on Matt Hancock being a contestant who actually won 2022's "I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here"?
  34. Wilko Johnson passed away in November 2022, which pub-rock band was he famously a guitarist for?
  35. Who announced in August 2022 that he was to step down as the UK Government's chief scientific adviser?
  36. Which two TV personalities were accused of allegedly jumping the queue at Queen Elizabeth II's lying-in-state?
  37. The 2022 UEFA Champions League Final was held in Paris in May between Liverpool and Real Madrid, but what city was supposed to be the host?
  38. Born Marvin Lee Aday in 1947 in Dallas, Texas, this singer passed away in January 2022, how was he known professionally?
  39. What animal's heart was used in the first animal/human heart transplant in January?
  40. Which famous painting in London's National Gallery did "Just Stop Oil" protestors glue themselves to in July 2022?
  41. In November the BBC released a chart of the most streamed songs by the year it which they were released, what was the only Beatles track to feature in the list?
  42. Which former Soviet leader and Nobel Peace Prize winner passed away in August 2022?
  43. Which word, which refers to a form of psychological coercion, was chosen by the dictionary Merriam-Webster as the 2022 word of the year after searches for it increased by 1740%?
  44. Which TV quiz show did Richard Osman leave this year to concentrate on his writing?
  45. Which British singer cancelled her residency in Las Vegas just 24 hours before being due on stage?
  46. Who did the LA Rams defeat 23 - 20 to win Super Bowl LVI?
  47. Jeremy Paxman announced he would be stepping down as host of TV quiz University Challenge after more than 28 years, who is taking over his role from 2023?
  48. Which Australia soap aired its last episode in July 2022?
  49. Who at 18 years and 128 days, became the youngest man to take a five-wicket haul on Test debut, when his 5-48 lead England to victory in the Third Test against Pakistan?
  50. At Queen Elizabeth II's funeral in September 2022, which of the armed forces pulled the State Gun Carriage from Westminster Abbey to Wellington Arch?
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