Big Quiz of 2023

Published: Sunday 24th December 2023How much do you remember about the year just past, test your knowledge in this free quiz.
  1. In August residents of Dudley in the West Midlands were dismayed as Britain's wonkiest pub was burnt down, what was the name of this public house?
  2. Actress and politician Glenda Jackson passed away in June, for which TWO movies did she receive her Best Actress Academy Awards?
  3. Who in May became the first player from mainland Europe to win the World Snooker title?
  4. Who held the Sword of State aloft throughout the King's Coronation?
  5. Little insects with the Latin name Cimex lectularius hit the headlines in October, how do we better know these creatures?
  6. Which National Park changed its name to Bannau Brycheiniog in April 2023?
  7. Which former punk rocker failed in his attempt to represent Ireland in this year's Eurovision Song Contest?
  8. Sir Mo Farah ran his last competitive race in September in the Great North Run, where did he finish?
  9. Which bird topped the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch for the 20th year running?
  10. According to its PM in January what shortage does Japan face that could lead the country into the depths of dysfunction?
  11. President Biden flew into Belfast in April to commemorate what anniversary?
  12. With her single "Padam,Padam" reaching no 8 in the UK charts in June, Kylie Minogue became the fourth female artist to have top ten hits in 5 consecutive decades, can you name the other three?
  13. In August the FIFA Women's World Cup took place in Australia with Spain beating England 1-0 in the final, but which country was represented by the tournament's highest goal scorer?
  14. Which bank closed Nigel Farage's account in June this year?
  15. On the 1st January 2023 Croatia became the 20th nation in the Eurozone, what currency did the Euro replace?
  16. The President of which country was bitten by the Moldovan's President's dog when on a State visit in November?
  17. In November The Beatles topped the UK charts with "Now and Then" for the first time since 1969, what was the title of their last chart-topper?
  18. In May Erling Haaland broke the Premier League single season goal scoring record when he scored his 35th goal, which two strikers previously held the record?
  19. Who caused the cancellation of Scarborough's New Year firework display?
  20. The first Met Office named storm of the year hit Britain's shores in August, what was it called?
  21. In June the Scottish government formally took which train service into public ownership?
  22. Which pop star's tour was said by Sweden's chief economist to have been a major contributor to the country's inflation figure?
  23. Who moved the bails before removing the wicket of Marnus Labuschagne in July?
  24. Which country did King Charles visit in March on his first official overseas visit as Monarch?
  25. In which part of the UK were widespread 20mph speed zones introduced in September?
  26. In November what forced a Boeing 747 flying from New York to Belgium to return to the US mid-flight, [a] Snakes on the plane, [b] A loose horse, [c] Storm Debi or [d] Icelandic volcanic ash?
  27. Which musical had its performance halted in Manchester in April after audience members were unruly singing along?
  28. Which Manchester City player in June scored after 12 seconds to become the fastest scorer in a FA Cup Final?
  29. On April 1st which became the first UK city to introduce a "Tourist Tax"?
  30. Which TWO chocolate brands did Nestle announce in November it will discontinue manufacture?
  31. In June King Charles III awarded his wife Queen Camilla with Scotland's highest royal honour, what name does the honour have?
  32. Who in May became the first woman to win the Eurovision Song Contest for a second time?
  33. In February Manchester United won the League Cup beating Newcastle United 2-0 in the final. This was their first trophy win since 2017, who was their manager on that occasion?
  34. The cost of a First-Class stamp rose twice in 2023, once in April and again in October to a new price of £1.25, but what was the cost when they were first introduced in 1968?
  35. Which British university announced in June that you will be able to study for a MA in Magic and Occult Science from September 2024?
  36. In what is believed to be a World's first , where in the UK was the first full size driverless bus route opened in May?
  37. What became the fastest selling non-fiction book in history when it was published in January?
  38. Which FOUR teams made it through to the semi-finals of the 2023 Rugby Union World Cup?
  39. In September many buildings were closed due to the presence of defective concrete known as RAAC, what does RAAC mean?
  40. The British retail chain Wilko entered administration in August, in which Midlands city was it founded back in 1930?
  41. A Christmas advert for Charlie's Bar, costing just £700 to make. has gone viral with millions of views on social media. In which Northern Ireland town is Charlie's Bar?
  42. Which 76 year old headlined Glastonbury this year?
  43. In winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in November World champion Max Verstappen had won 19 of the 22 Grand Prix of 2023, which THREE didn't he win and who were the victorious drivers?
  44. Which country in August became the fourth to successfully soft land on the moon?
  45. In September which building company announced it had abandoned plans to use recycled plastic in their products?
  46. In August which part of the UK became the first to have mail delivered by drones?
  47. Who were 2023 winners of the following reality programmes, [a] Great British Bake Off, [b] Strictly Come Dancing, [c] I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and [d] Big Brother?
  48. Who became the oldest winner of the UK Snooker Championship, 30 years after becoming the youngest winner?
  49. What was the name of President Biden's dog that was forced to move out of the White House in October after several biting incidents?
  50. November saw the unexpected return of former PM David Cameron to the cabinet, taking up the post of Foreign Secretary. As he is not a MP he was elevated to the peerage, what title did he take?
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