Big Quiz of the Year 2016

Published: Sunday 18th December 2016
  1. What caused the diving pool at the Rio Olympics to be closed after two days competition?
  2. One of the first casualties of Brexit, what popular food was temporarily withdrawn from supermarket shelves after a row over price rises?
  3. According to a YouGov survey in September 2016, which city in the UK has the angriest drivers?
  4. Which former wrestler was declared by Forbes magazine in July 2016 to be the World's highest paid actor?
  5. A death certificate was issued in February 2016 after a wait of some 42 years. Whose name was on it?
  6. An exhibition dedicated to the career of which person, who died in 2016, has become the most-visited show in the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum's 164-year history?
  7. Who got thrown out of Parliament in April 2016 after calling the then Prime Minister "Dodgy Dave"?
  8. Married in September 2016, how many Olympic gold medals do Mr Jason and Mrs Laura Kenny have between them?
  9. Which actress did Prince Harry confirm in October 2016 that he was in a relationship with?
  10. According to the side of the "Brexit Battle Bus" how much does the UK send to the EU each week?
  11. An episode of which children's TV programme was scrapped after a character was seen treading on pages from the Koran?
  12. Elected on the 16th September 2016, how many days did UKIP leader Diane James remain in the job?
  13. Who said that they "would not be going with the dough" in 2017?
  14. Which character in the popular board game Cluedo is being replaced by Dr Orchid?
  15. Who were the winners of the following sporting events of 2016, [a] Super Bowl 50, [b] FA Cup, [c] Tour De France, [d] US Open Golf Championship and [e] Rugby Union's Six Nation Championship?
  16. Costing more than £9 million and comprising 12 volumes containing some 2.6 m words, what was finally published in July 2016 after a wait of over five years?
  17. Who cooked their last meal on "Saturday Kitchen" in March 2016?
  18. Which organisation was named as Britain's most LGBT friendly employer in the Stonewall 2016 annual survey?
  19. England were knocked out of football's European championship by Iceland in the group of 16, but which of the home nations reached the semi-finals of the competition?
  20. Who in 2016 announced that he would step down as "Top Gear" presenter after just one series?
  21. In which northern England city did 3,200 naked volunteers assemble in July 2016 to be photographed for an art-work?
  22. Who were the winners of the 2016 Eurovision song contest in May?
  23. Which 2012 Olympic gold medalist carried the flag for Great Britain at the 2016 Olympic opening ceremony?
  24. Which national pub chain printed 200,000 beer mats in support of the 2016 Brexit campaign?
  25. According to the head of OFSTED in August 2016, which part of England was said to have poor education standards due to in-breeding?
  26. Sam Allardyce resigned as England football manager in September 2016 after a newspaper expose. His time in charge was a record breaking low of 67 days, who previously held this unenviable record?
  27. Which region of Belgium effectively delayed a trade deal between Canada and the EU in October 2016?
  28. Who was found Not Guilty in Borchester Crown Court of stabbing her husband in September 2016?
  29. Who did Andy Murray defeat to win his second Wimbledon title in 2016?
  30. What was the main instrument of these famous musicians all of whom passed away in 2016, [a] Dave Swarbrick (Fairport Convention), [b] Keith Emerson (ELP & The Nice), [c] Greg Lake (King Crimson & ELP), [d] Dale "Buffin" Griffin (Mott the Hoople) and [e] Glenn Frey (the Eagles)?
  31. Launched in August 2011, the space probe Juno entered orbit around which planet in July 2016?
  32. Comedienne and singer Victoria Wood sadly passed away in April 2016, which TV talent show first brought her to prominence?
  33. A new plastic £5 note was issued in the UK in September 2016 but why did it cause problems with vegans?
  34. Who in October 2016 became the first songwriter to be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature?
  35. There was much talk about the "JAM" towards the end of 2016, what did the acronym stand for?
  36. In May 2016, which English cricketer became the youngest player ever to score 10,000 test runs?
  37. After seven years of construction, the longest and deepest rail tunnel in the World was officially opened on 1st June 2016, in which country can it be found?
  38. Despite missing out on the Best Picture award, which movie won the most Oscars at the 2016 ceremony?
  39. Popular since the mid-1970s, which technology was officially declared redundant with the production of the last player in July 2016?
  40. Donald Trump won the US Presidential election in 2016, but who would have been vice-president if Democrat Hilary Clinton had won?
  41. In November 2016 the actor Robert Vaughn sadly died, what role did he play in the 1960s TV series "The Man from UNCLE"?
  42. Which ex-politician reached the quarter-finals of the 2016 series of "Strictly Come Dancing"?
  43. Normally reserved for women, who was voted Glamour magazine's Person of the Year in November 2016?
  44. Who presented his first programme of the 2016 season in his underpants after the team he supported unexpectedly won the Premiership?
  45. In March 2016 Barrack Obama became the first US President to visit Cuba for over 80 years, who was the previous visitor?
  46. Which British sit-com was revived for a one-off episode in 2016, with Kevin Bishop in the role of the original star's grand-son?
  47. With takings of over $1.1 billion worldwide, what was the highest grossing movie of 2016?
  48. A rare Asian elephant was born in Chester zoo in December 2016, how long was the mother's gestation?
  49. The Prime Minister of which country lost a referendum in December 2016 attempting to change the country's constitution, forcing his resignation?
  50. What name was eventually given to the polar research vessel that the public voted to call "Boaty McBoatface"?
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