Big Quiz of the Year 2020 - Answers

Published: Saturday 19th December 2020Can you remember all these events that happened in 2020?
  1. Captain Tom Moore became the oldest person to top the UK charts in April, who shared the singing on his number one hit? Michael Ball.
  2. Who did Rishi Sunak replace as the UK's Chancellor of the Exchequer in February? Sajid Javid.
  3. The winner of the 2020 Derby in July shares its name with which British lake? Serpentine.
  4. Starring Will Ferrell and Pierce Brosnan, the Netflix movie "Eurovision Song Contest:The Story of Fire Saga" almost made up for the real contest being cancelled.What song was on everyone's lips after viewing it? "Ja Ja Ding Dong"
  5. A statue of which slave trader was pulled from its plinth in Bristol in June? Edward Colston.
  6. In which Asian country did the Bhadia Solar Park, the largest in the World, open in March 2020? India.
  7. Which musical won the BBC Radio 2 Audience Award for Best Musical in March 2020? Six -The Musical.
  8. Nicholas Parsons sadly passed away in January this year, what was the name of the panel game that he hosted for all but four episodes of its 52 year run? Just a Minute.
  9. Which Marvel actor is part of a consortium that has purchased National League football team Wrexham AFC? Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool).
  10. What honour did the Queen bestow on fitness trainer Joe Wicks for his efforts during the pandemic? Member of the British Empire (MBE).
  11. On April 1st the limit for contactless payment was raised to £45, what was the previous limit? £30.00
  12. Diana Rigg and Honor Blackman both died in 2020, in which iconic 60's TV programme did they both appear? "The Avengers".
  13. Due to the pandemic, the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final of the UEFA Champions League in August 2020 took place in which city? Lisbon.
  14. In December, ITV's "Coronation Street" celebrated 60 years on our screens, who were the original landlords of The Rover's Return? Jack and Annie Walker.
  15. In February the movie "Parasite" became the first foreign language film to win the Best Picture Oscar, in what language was it made? (South) Korean.
  16. Which European country in February 2020 made all public transport free to use? Luxembourg.
  17. From what role did Harley Bird step down from in January 2020 to be replaced by Amelie Bea Smith? The voice of Peppa Pig.
  18. The death of African-American George Floyd Jnr in May 2020 sparked protests around the World. In which US city was he killed? Minneapolis.
  19. Which panel game was voted "The greatest radio comedy of all time" by a group of Radio Times experts in November? I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue.
  20. In September Pernille Harder became the World's most expensive female football player when she transferred from Wolfsburg for £300k, which British club did she join? Chelsea.
  21. In February US President Donald Trump became the third US President to be impeached, who were the other two? Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1998).
  22. What did activist Greta Thurnberg change her Twitter name to in January following an answer on Celebrity Mastermind? Sharon.
  23. The nation mourned the loss of Barbara Windsor in December, what was the title of the first "Carry-On" movie in which she featured? "Carry On Spying" (1964).
  24. For the first time in 32 years the Queen will not be spending Christmas at Sandringham, where will she be celebrating the festive period this year? Windsor Castle.
  25. The UEFA Euro 2020 tournament was due to be played this year but has been postponed to next year due to COVID-19, which city was due to host the final in July? London (Wembley Stadium).
  26. As a result of the pandemic the NHS opened up new field hospitals up and down the country, in which city was the Louisa Jordan Hospital opened by Princess Anne in April? Glasgow (in the SEC Centre).
  27. What was published in print form for the last time in 50 years in July 2020? Argos catalogue.
  28. Released in March 2020, the Netflix documentary "Tiger King" became a "must watch" during lockdown, what was the name of the zoo keeper it featured? Joe Exotic.
  29. Which tennis star topped the Forbes Magazine best paid athletes list in 2020? Roger Federer.
  30. In November, who became the first artist to score a top five UK chart album in EIGHT consecutive decades? Cliff Richard.
  31. What did BT engineers discover in September had been disrupting the broadband in the Powys village of Aberhosan? An old TV (tuning into Piers Morgan every morning).
  32. In which Durham town did Dominic Cummings "test his eyesight" in April during lockdown? Barnard Castle.
  33. The UK started the roll-out of the Covid-19 inoculations in December, what was the name of the first man to receive the jab? William Shakespeare.
  34. What product did Tesco launch in February in an effort to better reflect racial and ethnic diversity? Plasters in different skin tone colours.
  35. Which word trended on social media following the announcement that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were to "step back" as senior members of the Royal Family? Megxit.
  36. The retail giant Arcadia went into administration in late November, which larger than life businessman was the chairman? Sir Phillip Green.
  37. After the discovery of Phosphine gas in its atmosphere, which planet did Russia claim was theirs? Venus.
  38. Long running BBC quiz show "A Question of Sport" announced a major shake-up with the present presenter Sue Barker being replaced by who? Alex Scott.
  39. Rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen passed away in October 2020, which Michael Jackson mega-hit did he play on? "Beat It".
  40. Which Caribbean country announced in September that it intends to remove the Queen as their Head of State? Barbados.
  41. In Portugal in October Lewis Hamilton broke the record for the most F1 Grand Prix wins, who previously held the record? Michael Schumacher.
  42. Who in August, according to Forbes magazine, became the first person to have a net worth of over $200 billion? Jeff Bezos (Amazon).
  43. Due to Covid, ITV's "I'm a Celebrity" moved from Australia to which other country? Wales.
  44. What did comedian Joe Lycett change his name to in February 2020? Hugo Boss.
  45. Which was the first English city in June to suffer a local lockdown under Covid-19 rules? Leicester.
  46. Controversy surrounded the Last Night of the Proms, when which song was first banned and then reinstated by the new Director General? "Rule Britannia".
  47. Which European country topped a NOP poll in July as being the most admired in the World? Germany.
  48. In November, what become the first game to be invented by a British person to be inducted into the United States National Toy Hall of Fame? Jenga.
  49. Which country in March 2020 became the 30th to join NATO? North Macedonia.
  50. Joe Biden beat Donald Trump to the US Presidency, but which third candidate appeared on all the ballot papers? Jo Jorgensen (Libertarian Party).

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