King Charles III

Published: Saturday 22nd April 2023A special quiz in honour of the coronation of King Charles III.
  1. What was the date of King Charles' birthday?
  2. Where was Prince Charles christened when he was one month old?
  3. Which university did Prince Charles attend?
  4. What instrument did the future King Charles III play in the University orchestra?
  5. In which year was Charles declared Prince of Wales?
  6. What is the official residence of the Royal family in Scotland?
  7. What is King Charles' full name?
  8. Charles took his seat in the House of Lords in 1970 and became the first Royal to speak from the floor since which previous King?
  9. The King's family residence is Highgrove House, in which English county is it located?
  10. What is the name of the organic food company set up by Prince Charles in 1990?
  11. In which year did Prince Charles found The Prince's Trust?
  12. King Charles III is the oldest person to assume the British Monarchy, who was the previous oldest?
  13. Who played the then Prince Charles in the TV sit-com "The Windsors"?
  14. Which flower is said to be the favourite of King Charles III?
  15. What did King Charles III once describe as "a monstrous carbuncle on the face of a much-loved friend"?
  16. How many monarchs have been crowned at Westminster Abbey prior to King Charles III?
  17. The future King became a patron of a non-profit organisation in 1998 that aims to preserve the history of which famous radio show?
  18. Which castle hosted the investiture of Charles as Prince of Wales in 1969?
  19. The "King Charles III Coronation March" which will be played at the crowning ceremony was written by which film composer?
  20. As at May 2023, how many Grand- children has King Charles III?
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