New Year's Quiz 2

Published: Friday 28th December 2018A free quiz about people and events that happened on New Year's Eve or Day.
  1. In which year did New Year's Day become an official Bank holiday in England?
  2. Which fruit do Spaniards traditionally eat as the clock strikes twelve on New Year's Eve?
  3. Who became acting President of Russia after Boris Yeltsin's unexpected resignation on December 31st 1999?
  4. Betsy Ross was born in Philadelphia on New Year's Day in 1752, what is she credited for making?
  5. The U2 single "New Year's Day" was inspired by which political movement?
  6. On January 1st 2015 Lithuania became the 19th country to adopt the Euro, which currency did it replace?
  7. Which board game was patented by George Darrow on New Year's Eve in 1935?
  8. The first director of the FBI was born on New Year's Day in 1895, what was his name?
  9. In which discipline did Marie Curie receive her second Nobel Prize on January 1st 1911?
  10. In the 1960 movie, "Ocean's 11" concerning a robbery of a Las Vegas casino on New Year's Eve, who played the role of Danny Ocean?
  11. Who broke the World water speed record on 31st December 1964 to become the first man to break the World land and water speed records in a single year?
  12. Born on 1st January 1956, which position did Christine Lagarde become the first woman to hold?
  13. Known as "The Grandaddy of them all", which college football game has been played on New Year's Day since 1923 in Pasadena?
  14. Nominated 19 times for the Nobel Prize in literature, who was the author of "A Passage to India" who was born on New Year's Day in 1879?
  15. Often sang at New Year's Eve what does "Auld Lang Syne" literally mean?
  16. Born on New Year's Eve in 1937 for which movie did Anthony Hopkins receive his Best Actor Oscar?
  17. Who on New Year's Day 1949 became the first cricketeer to receive a knighthood?
  18. Famous for singing "Thank Heaven's for Little Girls" in the movie "Gigi", which French singer passed away on New Year's Day 1972?
  19. Which Saint's day is celebrated on New Year's Eve ?
  20. Winning the Best Actor Oscar in 1982 for his portrayal of Gandhi, which actor was born in Yorkshire on New Year's Eve in 1943?
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