Royal Weddings

Published: Monday 14th May 2018A Royal wedding quiz to celebrate Prince Harry’s wedding to Meghan Markle.
  1. Who officiated at the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton?
  2. Which was the first Royal wedding to be televised?
  3. Which future King was the first to be married at St George's Chapel, Windsor?
  4. When Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother married, who designed the wedding dress?
  5. Where did Princess Anne marry her second husband Timothy Laurence?
  6. What role will 19 year old Sheku Kanneh play at Harry and Megan's wedding?
  7. Which Welsh designers made Lady Diana's wedding dress?
  8. How many times had Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier prior to their wedding?
  9. How long was the train on Lady Diana's wedding dress?
  10. In which Royal palace did both Queen Victoria and King George V marry?
  11. Which Royal started the tradition of brides wearing white?
  12. Who in 1976 became the first Royal to divorce since Henry VIII?
  13. On what game show in the USA did Meghan Markle once appear?
  14. By tradition what flower should always be present in a Royal wedding bouquet?
  15. Where did the marriage of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer take place?
  16. How long were the Queen and Prince Phillip engaged prior to marrying?
  17. Prior to the 20th century, who was the last monarch to be married at Westminster Abbey?
  18. Which Royal married at the Chateau de Conde in June 1937?
  19. Who conducted the marriage between Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys-Jones?
  20. At whose wedding in 1934 did the Queen first meet Prince Phillip?
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