Seventy Glorious Years

Published: Saturday 26th March 2022A special quiz to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with 70 questions, one for each year of her reign about that year.
  1. 1952 - Which of the following cities did the first scheduled jet flight from London fly to, [a] New York, [b] Washington DC, [c] Johannesburg or [d] Rio de Janeiro?
  2. 1953 - What was the title of the first James Bond novel published in April of this year?
  3. 1954 - Which country did the Queen become the first reigning monarch to visit in February?
  4. 1955 - Commercial TV commenced broadcasting in the UK, what product was the first to be advertised?
  5. 1956 - With which record did Elvis Presley first hit the UK top ten singles charts?
  6. 1957 - Which TV programme launched in this year went on to become the World's longest-running TV series with the same original presenter?
  7. 1958 - The Queen made the first STD telephone call from Bristol. Which UK city did she call?
  8. 1959 - The famous Mini car was introduced in this year, who was the designer of this iconic vehicle?
  9. 1960 - Which British coin ceased to be legal tender on 31st December 1960?
  10. 1961 - Which children's TV series from January 1961 became the first to be shot in "Supermarionation"?
  11. 1962 - Which British newspaper was the first to launch a colour supplement?
  12. 1963 - In which English county did the Great Train Robbery take place in August of this year?
  13. 1964 - In April which two countries joined to form the new nation of Tanzania?
  14. 1965 - What was initially introduced on British roads as a trial period of four months in December?
  15. 1966 - What was found by Pickles, a black and white collie dog in March?
  16. 1967 - Which city was home to the first BBC local radio station that started broadcasting in November of this year?
  17. 1968 - Originally intended to be called "The Fighting Tigers" which long running sit-com first aired on BBC TV in July of this year?
  18. 1969 - At which Welsh castle did the investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales take place?
  19. 1970 - The first Glastonbury festival took place in September, who were the headlining act?
  20. 1971 - Published in August of this year, what was the title of the first of the Mr Men books?
  21. 1972 - Which was the first communist country to be visited by a UK monarch in October 1972?
  22. 1973 - Which police force celebrated its 100th anniversary in May of this year?
  23. 1974 - Which of the following products featured the World's first bar code, [a] Kellogg Cornflakes, [b] Wrigley's chewing gum, [c] Coca-Cola or [d] Mars bar?
  24. 1975 - The software giant Microsoft was founded in April this year by which two men?
  25. 1976 - The first scheduled flight from London of the supersonic aeroplane Concorde took place in January, what was the destination?
  26. 1977 - Who did the Queen present the Wimbledon Ladies Singles shield to in her Silver Jubilee year of 1977?
  27. 1978 - What was the name of Britain's first test-tube baby born in July of this year?
  28. 1979 - Margaret Thatcher was elected as the first female Prime Minister of the UK, who did she replace as PM?
  29. 1980 - Which puzzle toy was first introduced at the British Toy and Hobby Fair in January 1980?
  30. 1981 - Where did Prince Charles and Diana marry in July of this year?
  31. 1982 - Which computer that was launched this year went on to become the best selling personal computer of all time?
  32. 1983 - After winning both the Derby and the Irish Derby in 1981, which racehorse was stolen in February 1983?
  33. 1984 - Which of the following countries in July of this year became the last in Europe to give women the vote, [a] Switzerland, [b] Andorra, [c] San Marino or [d] Liechtenstein?
  34. 1985 - The Live Aid concerts in aid of the famine in East Africa were held in July, which US city hosted the American concert?
  35. 1986 - Which musical opened in London in October and went on to become the second longest running musical in West End history?
  36. 1987 - On what TV show did The Simpsons first make their appearance in this year?
  37. 1988 - Who became Britain's first �2m footballer with his transfer from Newcastle to Tottenham?
  38. 1990 - In which Midlands city did Aldi open its first UK store in July of this year, [a] Birmingham, [b] Nottingham, [c] Leicester or [d] Derby?
  39. 1991 - Who in May became the first British woman in space?
  40. 1992 - Which weekly satirical magazine, published since 1841, had its last edition in April 1992?
  41. 1993 - Which team in May became the first champions of the new English Premier League?
  42. 1994 - The UK's first lottery draw took place in November with a live TV broadcast, who was the presenter?
  43. 1995 - Who was the 'Rogue Trader" who brought about the collapse of Berings Bank?
  44. 1996 - What was the title of The Spice Girls first single released in July this year?
  45. 1997 - The Teletubbies made their first appearance on BBC in March, what were the names of the four main characters?
  46. 1998 - Which movie won a record equalling 11 Oscars at the 1998 ceremony?
  47. 1999- Introduced in April, what was the Minimum Wage per hour in the UK for over 21's, [a] �2.50, [b] �3.60, [c] �4.70 or [d] �5.80?
  48. 2000 - Which TV reality show, which aired for the first time in the UK in July, was won by Craig Phillips?
  49. 2001 - Located in a reclaimed china clay pit, which visitor attraction was opened in Cornwall in March?
  50. 2002 - The pop group Girls Aloud were formed on which TV talent show?
  51. 2003 - What was introduced in London at �5 per vehicle in February?
  52. 2004 - Who became Chelsea FC manager for the first time in June?
  53. 2005 - At the Live 8 concert in London, which group reformed with its classic line-up for the first time in 24 years?
  54. 2006 - Which member of the Royal Family officially opened Arsenal's Emirates Stadium in October, was it [a] The Duke of York, [b] The Duke of Edinburgh, [c] Duke of Cambridge or [d] Duke of Kent?
  55. 2007 - Which sports programme aired for the last time on BBC after 50 years?
  56. 2008 - What transport hub was opened by the Queen in March 2008?
  57. 2009 - Which chain of high street shops, which closed its last branch in January, used the own-brand "Winfield"?
  58. 2010 - Caroline Lucas became the first Green Party MP at the 2010 General Election, which constituency did she represent?
  59. 2011 - Which Sunday newspaper published its last edition in July after 168 years in print?
  60. 2012 - What were the three new cities created as part of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee?
  61. 2013 - Prince George was born to Kate and William in July 2013, what are his middle names?
  62. 2014 - After her first live concert in 35 years, which artist had a record breaking 8 albums in the UK top 40 this year?
  63. 2015 - Which religious leader appeared on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury in June this year?
  64. 2016 - The first Bank of England polymer banknote was issued in September, who featured on the reverse?
  65. 2017 - Former Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osbourne took up a new job as editor of which London newspaper?
  66. 2018 - Millicent Fawcett was the subject of the first statue of a woman to be erected in London's Parliament Square, for what is she famous?
  67. 2019 - Lasting 4 hours and 57 minutes which two players took part in the longest ever Wimbledon Men's singles final in July?
  68. 2020 - What was the name of the cruise ship that was quarantined in Yokohama for two weeks as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic?
  69. 2021 - Who were the six football clubs from the English Premier League who were announced as members of the short-lived European Super League?
  70. 2022 - Which tech company became the first traded company to have a value of $3 trillion?
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