Spring Quiz

Published: Sunday 31st March 2019A free quiz about spring and springs.
  1. According to the UK Met Office, on what day does Spring commence?
  2. The song entitles "The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring" comes from which Gilbert and Sullivan work?
  3. Which US University holiday takes place during March or April each year?
  4. Who is the Roman Goddess of Spring?
  5. In which year did the so-called "Arab Spring" take place?
  6. When does a Spring Tide occur?
  7. In British horse racing which two races make up the Spring Double?
  8. What do we in the UK call the vegetables known as scallions in the US?
  9. The appearance of which animal's shadow in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania is supposed to indicate the beginning of spring?
  10. The spoof musical "Springtime for Hitler" features in which 1967 movie?
  11. Whose law of physics states that "the extension or compression of a spring is directly proportional to the force applied"?
  12. What name is given to the first day of spring when the night and day are the same length?
  13. Who painted the large tempera painting known as "Primavera" (Spring)?
  14. Popular in SE Asia, what do we call the filled pastry appetiser of meat or vegetables?
  15. What type of animal is the Spring Peeper (Pseudacris Crucifer)?
  16. Which town in central Australia takes its name from the wife of an ex-Postmaster General of South Australia?
  17. The song "Younger Than Springtime" features in which Rodgers and Hammerstein musical?
  18. In which of Shakespeare's plays is the poem "Spring" performed in the closing scene?
  19. Who wrote the music for the ballet "The Rite of Spring"?
  20. Who is the Greek Goddess of Springtime, Flowers and Vegetation?
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