St Davids Day Quiz 2

Published: Saturday 25th February 2017A celebration of all things Wales and Welsh for St David's Day.
  1. What colours are on the flag of St David?
  2. Which Welshman designed Lady Diana's wedding dress?
  3. Who was the last native Welshman to hold the title "Prince of Wales"?
  4. What are the six cities that are located in Wales ?
  5. Which South Wales town was represented in Parliament by the founder of the Labour Party, Kier Hardie?
  6. Cardiff was voted the Capital of Wales in 1955, which two other towns did it beat to this honour?
  7. What miracle, according to legend, did St David perform on St Paulinus?
  8. In which Welsh town would you find a statue of comedian Tommy Cooper?
  9. In which Welsh town would you find the World's largest Camera Obscura?
  10. Welsh actor Richard Burton never won an Oscar but on how many occasions was he nominated?
  11. Who in 1959, became the first Welsh artist to have a UK number one single?
  12. Which privateer, born in South Wales became Governor of Jamaica in 1674?
  13. Which is the longest river that flows entirely in Wales?
  14. Which Welsh football player was voted Italy's Player of the Year in 1958?
  15. Which Welshman was Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843?
  16. In the well known rugby song what is "Sosban Fach"?
  17. Which mathematical symbol was invented by Welsh physicist Robert Recorde?
  18. What are the three National Parks that can be found in Wales?
  19. Which village stands on the site of St David's miracle of raising the land to form a small hill?
  20. The city of St Davids is located in which Welsh county?
Find the ANSWERS HERESt Davids Day Quiz 2

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