St George's Day - 2

Published: Monday 10th April 2017
  1. Which King in 1327 declared St George the patron Saint of England?
  2. Britain's first two decimal coins were issued on St George's Day in1968, what were their values?
  3. In which London park would you find the Cavalry Memorial, a bronze statue of George and the Dragon?
  4. On what date do Bulgarians celebrate St George's Day?
  5. Which play by Shakespeare was first performed on April 23rd 1597 in front of Queen Elizabeth I?
  6. Near which London landmark was the original St George's Hospital opened in 1733?
  7. Which former child star and latterly diplomat was born on St George's Day in 1928?
  8. According to local legend near which landmark on the Berkshire Downs did St George slay the dragon?
  9. In which English county is St George's Park, the home of the English Football Association?
  10. Who was the first President of the Russian Federation who died on St George's Day 2010?
  11. Which Pope demoted St George to "optional worship" in 1969, prior to Pope John-Paul II reinstating him in 2000?
  12. Which English King was crowned on April 23rd 1661?
  13. St George slaying the dragon is featured on which British coin first introduced in 1817?
  14. Held at Royal St George's, Sandwich, who won the 2011 Open Golf Championship?
  15. Which King, according to Shakespeare, said "Cry God for Harry, England and St George"?
  16. Which Spanish writer died on the same day as Shakespeare, April 23rd 1616?
  17. In which London borough would you find St George's University Hospital?
  18. The film maker, Michael Moore was born on April 23rd 1954, what type of movies does he make?
  19. Who made his first appearance as Dr Who on St George's Day 2010?
  20. In which West Country city is the former St George's church now a major concert venue?
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