St Patrick's Day 2

Published: Wednesday 11th March 2015
  1. What type of instrument is the Irish Bodhran?
  2. Which England World Cup winner went on to manage the Irish National football team?
  3. What is the county town of County Kerry?
  4. In which decade of the 19th century did the Irish potato famine take place?
  5. How many wheels does a "Jaunting Cart" have?
  6. Which two counties in Northern Ireland begin with the letter A?
  7. In which month of the year is the Galway Bay Oyster Festival held?
  8. Where did Alcock and Brown land in 1919 after completing the first transatlantic flight?
  9. Home of all five Irish Classic horse races, in which county would you find The Curragh?
  10. In which city is Murphy's Irish Stout brewed?
  11. Which Irishman is the only person to have won the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions?
  12. Which is the smallest county in the whole of Ireland?
  13. Which poet in 1995 became Ireland's fourth winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature?
  14. The late Phil Lynott was the lead singer and bass guitarist with which band?
  15. Which meat is traditionally used to make an Irish Stew?
  16. In Irish mythology and folklore what name is given to the Land of Eternal Youth?
  17. Which musical instrument is used as a trade mark by Guiness?
  18. Established by charter in 1845, what is the oldest university in Belfast known as?
  19. Who is the star of the TV show "Mrs Brown's Boys"?
  20. Which famous building was designed by Irishman James Hoban?
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