St Valentine's Day 2

Published: Saturday 9th February 2019A free quiz about love, lovers and all things about St Valentine's Day
  1. What was the title of Kylie Minogue's UK no3 hit from 2010?
  2. Who wrote the line " 'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all"?
  3. Which Beatles song was described by Frank Sinatra as "the greatest love song written in the last fifty years"?
  4. In the movie "Sleepless in Seattle", where do Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's characters meet up on St Valentine's Day?
  5. Which fruit is associated with Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love?
  6. Which US city is known as "The City of Brotherly Love"?
  7. Who wrote and directed the 2003 movie "Love Actually"?
  8. Which famous explorer was killed on St Valentine's Day in 1779?
  9. Which three acts had hits in the 1980s with songs entitled "The Power of Love"?
  10. In which of Shakespeare's plays is St Valentine's Day mentioned?
  11. Who is the Welsh patron Saint of love, whose day is celebrated on January 25th each year?
  12. Which son of Aphrodite would you associate with Valentine's Day?
  13. Which LP by Frank Sinatra was the first number one on the UK Album Charts in 1956?
  14. In the Jane Austen romantic novel "Pride and Prejudice", what is Mr Darcy's first name?
  15. Which play by Oscar Wilde was first performed on February 14th 1895?
  16. In which Italian city is "Romeo and Juliet" set?
  17. "A Song for the Lovers" in 2000 gave which ex-Verve singer their first solo hit?
  18. What do the letters SWALK on the back of an envelope indicate?
  19. Which fence on the Grand National course comes immediately prior to Valentine's Brook?
  20. Created by Jack Rosenthal, what was the title of the 1970's sit-com starring Richard Beckinsale and Paula Wilcox?
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