Summer Quiz 2

Published: Tuesday 10th August 2021A free quiz about all aspects of the summer.
  1. According to the UK Met Office on what day does Summer officially begin?
  2. At which of her residencies does The Queen traditionally spend the summer months?
  3. Which single of 1977 gave Donna Summer her first UK number 1 hit?
  4. In which European country is the First Day of Summer celebrated as a public holiday on the first Thursday after 18th April each year?
  5. According to the nursery rhyme, what did the Queen of Hearts make "all on a summer's day"?
  6. According to the lyrics of the song "Summer of '69", what did Bryan Adams buy at the five and dime?
  7. When does British Summer Time begin each year?
  8. Which Irish poet wrote "The Last Rose of Summer" in 1805?
  9. What instrument is American Jazz musician Mark Summer famous for playing?
  10. In the film "Summer Holiday" in what did Cliff Richard and the Shadows travel to Greece?
  11. The first Olympics of the modern era were held in Athens in the summer of which year?
  12. Selling over 30 million copies and spending seven weeks as the UK number one single, what was the title of Mungo Jerry's 1970 debut single?
  13. Esther Summerson is the heroine and narrator of which Charles Dickens' novel?
  14. Who was the guitarist with the British rock trio The Police?
  15. Released as a movie starring Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift in 1959, who wrote the play "Suddenly Last Summer"?
  16. Similar to Hibernation, what name is given to the state of animal dormancy that takes places in the summer?
  17. On the Summer Solstice in the Northern hemisphere the Sun at noon is directly over which circle of latitude?
  18. From which country do the boy band 5 Seconds of Summer originate?
  19. Between which years did Britain have Double Summer Time?
  20. Which American Public Holiday celebrated in September is often referred to as "the unofficial end of summer"?
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