General Science 2

Published: Thursday 8th July 2010
  1. What is Ascorbic Acid better known as?
  2. Approximately how long does it take light to travel from the sun to the earth?
  3. What nationality was the physicist Nils Bohr?
  4. What metals combine to make pewter?
  5. Approximately what percentage of human blood is water?
  6. If you suffered from ANOSMIA, what sense would you be lacking?
  7. What kind of insect is a "small postman"?
  8. In computing what the acronym HTML stand for?
  9. What type of substance turns litmus from blue to red?
  10. Which mammal has the highest blood pressure?
  11. Which gas makes fizzy drinks fizzy?
  12. Which addictive drug is named after the Greek God of dreams?
  13. What does a PHOBOPHOBE fear?
  14. Which common substance has the chemical formula NaCl?
  15. What drug can be found in tonic water?
  16. Which acid causes the sting from a stinging nettle?
  17. Which fruit, not related to grapes, gets its name because it hangs in bunches?
  18. Who had the misfortune to die in the first fatal air crash?
  19. How many pairs of wings does a bee have?
  20. In which decade did windscreen wipers first appear in the UK?
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