Inventors & Inventions 1

Published: Thursday 8th July 2010
  1. Christopher Cockerell invented what type of vehicle?
  2. Which British mathematician created a basic computer in 1835?
  3. Which civilisation first used concrete?
  4. Who in the Thirties invented quick frozen food?
  5. Who invented the battery?
  6. In which decade was the breathalyser invented?
  7. What did Percy Shaw contribute to road safety in 1934?
  8. What invention is Sir Frank Whittle credited with?
  9. Which two major companies jointly developed the Compact Disc in 1979?
  10. What is the surname of King Camp who invented the safety razor?
  11. What does VHS stand for?
  12. What was invented by Isaac Pitman in 1837?
  13. Which metal was first developed by Harold Brearley in 1912?
  14. Who invented the bouncing bomb in the Second World War?
  15. Who invented the first sound recording machine in 1877?
  16. What was Emile Berliner's famous invention of 1887?
  17. Which Swiss company developed the first widely used instant coffee?
  18. What device was invented by famous diver Jacques Cousteau?
  19. Who developed the vulcanisation process for rubber?
  20. What common device was invented by Whitcomb L Judson in 1892?
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