Scientists 1 - Answers

Published: Tuesday 1st March 2011
  1. Which famous scientist/inventor was known as "The Wizard of Menlo Park"? Thomas Edison.
  2. Who was the only woman to win TWO Nobel prizes? Marie Curie.
  3. Who is credited with the invention of the first effective telescope? Galileo.
  4. Which British surgeon was responsible for the first antiseptics? Joseph Lister.
  5. What was Marconi's first name? Guglielmo.
  6. Albert Einstein kept photographs of which THREE scientists in his study? Michael Faraday, Isaac Newton and James Clerk Maxwell.
  7. Who invented the telephone? Alexander Graham Bell.
  8. Louis Pasteur invented a method of preserving foods, but at what temperature is milk pasteurised? Either 72C for 15-20 seconds or 63C for 30 MINUTES.
  9. Which famous scientist was born in the same year that Galileo died? Isaac Newton.
  10. Trevor Baylis is best known for inventing what? The Clockwork Radio.
  11. What invention gave Alfred Nobel the riches to fund the Nobel Prize? Dynamite.
  12. Who accidentally discovered penicillin? Alexander Fleming.
  13. Which scientist discovered amongst others, Barium, Calcium and Sodium? Humphrey Davy.
  14. Which THREE scientists won the 1962 Nobel Prize in Physiology/Medicine for their work concerning the structure of DNA? Crick, Watson and Wilkins.
  15. What is produced by the process developed by Fritz Haber? Ammonia.
  16. Who wrote "A Brief History of Time"? Stephen Hawking.
  17. Who is said to have jumped from his bath shouting "Eureka"? Archimedes.
  18. What was the title of the famous book written by Charles Darwin in 1859? "On The Origin of Species".
  19. Which chemist born in Copenhagen in 1885 predicted the splitting of the atom? Niels Bohr.
  20. Which British scientist is credited with inventing the World Wide Web? Tim Berners-Lee.

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