The London Underground

Published: Thursday 24th January 2013To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the London Underground, try this quiz.
  1. Which main line station was the terminus when the London Underground was opened in 1863?
  2. Hannah Dadds was the first woman driver on the London Underground in which year did she commence?
  3. The shortest distance between two stations on the London Underground is 0.161 miles, which are the two stations?
  4. Who designed the iconic map of the London Underground that was first published in 1933?
  5. How many different lines are there on the London Underground?
  6. Which was the first London Underground line to be opened in 1863?
  7. Which London Underground line in 1979 became the latest to be opened?
  8. In which year was the last steam train used on the London Underground?
  9. Which is the lowest London Underground station?
  10. The longest distance between two London Underground stations is 3.89 miles, which are the two stations?
  11. Which London Underground line is coloured yellow on the underground map?
  12. Which was the first of the London Underground stations to be fitted with an escalator?
  13. With 57000 passengers during the morning rush hour, which is the busiest station in the London Underground network?
  14. With 60 stations which London Underground line has the most stations?
  15. London has the oldest underground system in the world, which city has the oldest underground system in the USA?
  16. In which year were the "Oyster" travel cards introduced on the London Underground?
  17. Carrying more than 206 million passengers in 2012, which is the busiest of the London Underground lines?
  18. Which London Underground station has the most platforms?
  19. Which London Underground line, opening in 1968 became the first computer controlled underground in the world?
  20. What is the total length in miles of the London underground system?
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