Motorways 1 - Answers

Published: Friday 30th August 2013
  1. Which TWO cities are at the ends of the M62 motorway? Liverpool & Hull.
  2. Which is the longest motorway in the UK? The M6.
  3. Which is the shortest motorway in the UK? The A308 (M) at 1km long.
  4. Which is the most southern service area on a UK motorway? Exeter services on the M5.
  5. If you were travelling on the AUTOSTRADE, in which country would you be? Italy.
  6. Which group reached number 5 in the UK charts with "2-4-6-8 Motorway" in 1977? The Tom Robinson Band.
  7. In which year was the 70 mph speed limit on British motorways made permanent? 1967 (although originally introduced as a temporary measure in 1965).
  8. On which motorway would you find Charnock Richard services? The M6.
  9. Which motorway links the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh? The M8.
  10. Opened in 1958, what was the first stretch of motorway in the UK? The Preston by-pass section of the M6.
  11. Which is both the highest and lowest motorway in the UK? The M62, which reaches its highest point at Moss Moor while it is only 3m above sea level at Goole.
  12. Which city is linked to London by the M11 motorway? Cambridge.
  13. Which was the first motorway service area to be opened in the UK? Watford Gap on the M1.
  14. Which German electro-band recorded the 1974 album "Autobahn"? Kraftwerk.
  15. What are the THREE designated motorways in Wales? M4, M48 and A48 (M).
  16. Known as "AutoRoute de l'Est", which motorway joins Paris with Strasbourg? A4.
  17. What is the name of the only service area on the M6 Toll road? Norton Canes.
  18. Which former motorway linked St Albans with the M1? The M10, which was downgraded in 2009 and now forms part of the A414.
  19. Which is the most northern motorway in the UK? M90 at Perth in Scotland.
  20. Which service area sits at the western end of the M4 motorway? Pont Abraham.

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