British Birds 2

Published: Tuesday 26th August 2014
  1. What is the collective noun for a group of ravens?
  2. According to the lyrics of a popular song, what bird is supposed to sing in Berkley Square?
  3. What are the young of pigeons known as?
  4. Which is the fastest running bird in Britain?
  5. Which bird buries acorns for later use and thus plays an important role in the spread of oak trees?
  6. Which bird is known as the mimic of the bird world due to its ability to copy other sounds?
  7. Which is the smallest British bird?
  8. Which bird first seen in the UK in 1956 has now become the 7th most frequently seen species in the UK?
  9. Which bird is said to herald the beginning of spring, often prompting a letter to the Times newspaper?
  10. What are the young of herons known as?
  11. Which birds featured in the title of a series of books by Arthur Ransome?
  12. Which bird of prey has the country name of a Windhover?
  13. The poem by John Keats that begins "My heart aches and a drowsy numbness pains my sense" is an ode to which bird?
  14. Which common garden bird will often feed the young of other birds?
  15. By what name are a group of gold finches known by?
  16. Why has the Bull finch evolved its short stubby beak?
  17. Which is Britain's commonest bird of prey?
  18. By what name do we now know the bird that was once called the OUZEL?
  19. In which city do the Ospreys rugby union team play their home matches?
  20. Which bird which is common in Britain especially near bird feeders and tables has never been recorded in Ireland?
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