Science and Nature - 3

Published: Monday 29th June 2020A free quiz about all aspects of science and nature.
  1. Where in the human body would you find the smallest muscle?
  2. In trigonometry what is calculated by dividing the adjacent by the hypotenuse?
  3. Who was the inventor of the hovercraft?
  4. The moons of which planet are all named after characters from Shakespeare's plays?
  5. How many incisor teeth should an adult human have?
  6. Which vitamin has the chemical name of RETINOL?
  7. Which element is number 8 in the periodic table?
  8. What is the home of a rabbit called?
  9. Who invented the television?
  10. Lignite and anthracite are both forms of what?
  11. What does the file extension "pdf " stand for?
  12. Gelbvieh, Corriente and Dexter are all breeds of which animal?
  13. What is measured in Ohms?
  14. In which Welsh town would you find the World 's largest Camera Obscura?
  15. Where in the human body would you find alveoli?
  16. What was founded by Jimmy Wales in 2001?
  17. Which scale has talc at one and diamond at ten?
  18. In medical terms what is BMI?
  19. Originating in Corsica, what breed of animal is a CURSINO?
  20. Phylloxera is a pest affecting what plant?
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