Science and Nature 5

Published: Tuesday 4th June 2024A free quiz about all aspects of science and nature.
  1. What name is given for the number of protons found in an atom's nucleus?
  2. In computing what do the letters HDMI represent?
  3. What element is represented by the letter "W"?
  4. In the human body what protein helps to form both fingernails and hair?
  5. Titan is the largest moon of which planet in our solar system?
  6. What does LG stand for in the name of the electronics company?
  7. From which tree is turpentine obtained?
  8. What is the name of the medical professional who takes blood samples?
  9. Which scientist in 1774 discovered oxygen?
  10. Which is the lightest metal in the periodic table?
  11. Which hormone produced in the human body regulates sleeping and waking?
  12. Alphabetically, what is the first of the chemical elements?
  13. Which acid was previously known as "Aqua Fortis"?
  14. In humans, what substance does the gall bladder store?
  15. Which Greek letter is used to represent the SI derived unit of electrical resistance?
  16. Optics is the studying of what?
  17. How many vertebrae does the average human possess?
  18. The condition known as Rickets is caused by a deficiency of which vitamin?
  19. Which is the fourth planet from the Sun?
  20. Jaguars are native to which continent?
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