Space 4

Published: Friday 2nd June 2017
  1. As at 2015, who was the last person to walk-on the Moon?
  2. What was the first manned Apollo mission?
  3. Who was the first American to orbit the Earth?
  4. Which planet was discovered by JG Galle in 1846?
  5. What was the first living creature launched into space?
  6. Which dwarf planet first discovered in 1810 is the largest of the Asteroids?
  7. In which UK city is the National Space Centre?
  8. Discovered in 1930 which planet was relegated to dwarf planet status in 2006?
  9. Named after the twin sons of Mars and Venus, what are the two moons of Mars called?
  10. Who in 2003 became the first Chinaman in space?
  11. Which star is often referred to as the Dog Star?
  12. What was the name of the Russian space station that orbited Earth from 1988 to 1989?
  13. What name is given to the phase of the Moon between half and full?
  14. Who was the first American to successfully walk in space?
  15. In which US State would you find the Kennedy Space Station?
  16. Which is the largest planet in our solar system?
  17. Who was the first American woman in space?
  18. Which planet has the longest day?
  19. Which is the highest known mountain in the solar system?
  20. What was the name of the lunar module that made the first moon landing in 1969?
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