The Animal Kingdom 1

Published: Wednesday 4th November 2015
  1. What type of animal is an alewife?
  2. What animal is also known as a gnu?
  3. What is the tallest living animal?
  4. Which is the World's largest venomous snake?
  5. Where on a butterfly would you find it's taste sensors?
  6. Which wild hog with upturned tusks is native to the Malay peninsula?
  7. What animals are Gibraltar's biggest tourist attraction?
  8. Which food crop is attacked by the phylloxera fly?
  9. Which Asian beast of burden is often known as the carabao?
  10. Which is the largest Asian antelope?
  11. How many horns does a Sumatran rhino have?
  12. How many pairs of legs does the common house centipede generally have?
  13. Which breed of animals were named after Father A David, a French missionary and naturalist?
  14. Which two species of animals always give birth to twins?
  15. What is the proper name for the Daddy Long-legs?
  16. What type of animal is a taipan?
  17. Which animals live in a drey?
  18. What are the young of an eel called?
  19. How many tentacles does a squid have?
  20. What name is given to a female donkey?
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