The Animal Kingdom - 3

Published: Saturday 1st April 2017
  1. What type of animals are flying foxes?
  2. In which island are the Thylacine native?
  3. If aardvark are the first animals in the dictionary which would come second?
  4. To which continent is the jaguar native?
  5. What does a monkey have that an ape does not?
  6. What type of animal is an argalis?
  7. Which is the largest living species of lizard?
  8. Where on it's body are a crickets ears?
  9. Often found in manure and used as fishing bait what colour is the brandling worm?
  10. What name is given to the North American elk?
  11. What is the off-spring of a female donkey and a male horse?
  12. To which continent are Bactrian camels native?
  13. Which animal is also known as an ounce?
  14. What name is given to any animal that chews the cud?
  15. Which animal is also known as a colugo?
  16. Which animal's name means "Man of the woods" in the Malay language?
  17. Which is the fastest animal on two legs?
  18. Which squirrel is native to the British Isles?
  19. Which animal lives in a formicary?
  20. Which small animal was prized as food by the Romans?
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