The Animal Kingdom - 4

Published: Thursday 19th October 2017
  1. Native to North Africa and Arabia which is the smallest species of fox?
  2. What is the name of the marsupial once thought to be extinct commonly known as the Tasmanian Wolf?
  3. Which continent is home to the aardvark?
  4. What species of Indian monkey shares it's name with a Hindu diety?
  5. How many noses does an ant have?
  6. The body of an ant is split into which three pieces?
  7. Which is the only animal apart from humans that have unique fingerprints?
  8. Which breed of domestic cat has no tail?
  9. What is the largest species of bear in the World?
  10. What type of animal is the margay, found in Central & South America?
  11. By what name are the larvae of crane fly known by?
  12. How many humps does a bactrian canal have?
  13. In which part of the World is the Orang-utan native?
  14. What is the largest rodent in the UK?
  15. In which area of the World is the Clouded Leopard native?
  16. Which animal is well-known for excreting liquid from their anal gland when attacked?
  17. Which animal has the longest gestation period?
  18. What type of animal is a dhole?
  19. How many tentacles does an octopus have?
  20. What type of creature is a mandrill?
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