The Halogens.

Published: Friday 29th May 2020A free science quiz about the Halogens.
  1. In which group the Periodic Table would you find the Halogens according to the modern IUPAC nomenclature?
  2. What colour is pure iodine?
  3. Which project in WW2 used fluorine gas to enrich Uranium?
  4. Which compound of iodine can be used in photographic film and for cloud-seeding?
  5. Which is the only one of the halogens that is liquid at room temperature?
  6. Produced using chlorine, what is the World's third most widely produced synthetic polymer?
  7. Which of the halogens is the rarest naturally occurring element in the Earth's crust?
  8. How many of the halogens are gaseous at room temperature?
  9. Which of the halogens is used in the water treatment of swimming pools?
  10. Which of the halogens is used in the manufacture of the anti-depressant Prozac and the non-stick substance Teflon?
  11. The element Astatine is named after the Greek word Astatos, what does this mean?
  12. What does the term Halogen literally mean?
  13. A goitre, the swelling of the thyroid gland is usually caused by a dietary deficiency of which halogen?
  14. Which of the halogens may be added to water or milk in order to prevent tooth decay?
  15. Which common substance is the principal source of Chlorine?
  16. Which artificially created element with the symbol Ts is thought to be the sixth member of the halogen group?
  17. Which is the lightest of the halogens?
  18. Which of the halogens is radioactive in its normal form?
  19. Where does Chlorine get its name?
  20. Now largely banned as a refrigerant due to its effect on global warming which halogen in combination with chlorine is used to produce Freon?
Find the ANSWERS HEREThe Halogens.

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