The Noble Gases

Published: Tuesday 28th April 2020A free quiz about the Noble Gases.
  1. Which group in the Periodic Table contains the Noble gases?
  2. How many naturally occurring Noble gases are there?
  3. In a list of Noble gases which comes first alphabetically?
  4. Which chemical element has the lowest boiling point?
  5. Which two Noble gases were added to the World Anti-Doping Agency's prohibited substances list in 2014?
  6. Which Noble gas shares its name with Superman's home planet?
  7. Which Noble gas is produced during the radioactive decay of Radium?
  8. Which os the Noble gases is used in gas metal arc welding?
  9. What colour does Neon glow when used in lighting tubes?
  10. What is the element Helium named after?
  11. The gas Krypton derives from an ancient Greek word meaning what?
  12. What is the English translation of the Greek word for Argon?
  13. Who was awarded the Noble prize for Chemistry in 1904 for his discovery of a number of the Noble gases?
  14. When used as a preservative in food manufacture which Noble gas has the European food additive code of E938?
  15. Which Noble gas, discovered in 1898, is often used in car headlights?
  16. Which is the lightest of the Noble gases?
  17. Which of the Noble gases are used in photographic lighting due to its brilliant white glow?
  18. In a list of Noble gases which comes last alphabetically?
  19. Which of the Noble gases is radioactive?
  20. Which gas is used for cooling superconductivity magnets such as those in MRI scanners?
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