Trains and Boats and Planes 2

Published: Sunday 12th January 2020A free quiz about all aspects of transport.
  1. Which London station is the terminus for the Eurostar trains?
  2. The sinking of which liner in 1915 brought the USA into WW1?
  3. Which Irish rock band shares its name with a US spy plane?
  4. Apart from London, which is the only English city to operate a Metro train service?
  5. In which British city can the SS Great Britain now be found?
  6. In terms of passenger traffic which is the busiest airport in the World?
  7. By what name is the LNER Class A3 4472 locomotive better known?
  8. From which English port did the Titanic start its first and last journey?
  9. How many engines did the "Spruce Goose" have?
  10. Between which two cities does The Ghan train service run?
  11. Which two airlines combined in 1974 to form British Airways?
  12. In which Scottish city is the RRS Discovery a tourist attraction?
  13. Which airport has the short code ORD?
  14. When applied to ferries, what does the term RORO mean?
  15. In which year did the Bullet Train from Osaka to Tokyo begin service?
  16. On which ship did Sir Francis Drake complete his first circumnavigation of the World?
  17. Who flew non-stop from New York to Paris in 1927 onboard the "Spirit of St Louis"?
  18. What colour is the hull of a Venetian gondola?
  19. Which Victorian engineer was known as "The Father of Railways"?
  20. Which ship sank causing a major oil spillage in Prince William Sound, Alaska in 1989?
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