Sports 1

Published: Tuesday 23rd March 2010
  1. In which sports do teams compete for the following trophies, (i)The Stanley Cup, (ii) The Ashes, (iii) The Calcutta Cup, (iv) The Solheim Cup and (v) The Larry O'Brian Trophy.
  2. Which city hosted the summer Olympics in 1912?
  3. In which year did 100-1 outsider Foinavon win the Grand National?
  4. Which Spaniard won the Tour De France five times in the 1990s?
  5. Which British boxer was known as "The Dark Destroyer"?
  6. Which English county cricket teams play at the following grounds,(i)Rose Bowl, (ii) Headingley, (iii) New Road, (iv) The Oval and (v) The Riverside
  7. Spencer Gore from the UK won the first ever Wimbledon Championship, in which year?
  8. Which teams competed in Super-bowl I in 1967?
  9. Which UK football teams play at the following stadia, (i)Craven Cottage, (ii) Fratton Park, (iii) Bramall Lane, (iv) Hampden Park and (v) Meadow Lane
  10. How often do teams compete for The Ryder Cup?
  11. Who was the first athlete to run a sub-four minute mile?
  12. Who won three Formula One World Championships between 1988 and 1991?
  13. In which sport do you throw stones at a house?
  14. At the start of a game of snooker how many balls are on the table?
  15. Which two positions in Netball can score a goal?
  16. In which two years were the Winter Olympics held in Japan?
  17. Name the five events that make up the Modern Pentathlon?
  18. Who in 1930 became the first German Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World?
  19. Which team won the football European Cup for the first five seasons it was contested?
  20. In which year was rugby's five nations championship increased to six?
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