The Olympic Games 1

Published: Tuesday 23rd March 2010
  1. In which country were the first Olympics of the modern era held in 1896?
  2. What are the colours of the five Olympic rings?
  3. In which year did women first compete in the Olympics?
  4. How many gold medals did swimmer Mark Spitz win at the 1972 Munich games?
  5. Which country won the most gold medals at the 2000 Olympic games?
  6. What is the gap between each summer Olympic games?
  7. Which boxer representing Canada won gold in the Seoul Olympics in 1988?
  8. Who was Britain's only woman's  medallist at the Atlanta Olympic games?
  9. At which winter Olympic games did Torville and Dean win gold?
  10. Which city hosted the summer Olympic games in 2000?
  11. What outstanding treble did Emile Zatopek achieve at the 1952 Olympic games?
  12. Which country has won the most Olympic medals since 1896?
  13. For which event did Daley Thompson win Olympic gold?
  14. Who won the 100 metres in the 1988 Olympics, only to be disqualified for failing a drugs test?
  15. Which gymnast scored the first perfect 10 at the Olympics?
  16. What was the nick-name of the British ski-jumper who competed at the 1988 Winter Olympics?
  17. Who was the first man to win Olympic gold at both the 200 and 400 metres?
  18. At which events did Seb Coe win medals at the 1984 Olympic games?
  19. Whose record long jump stood for 24 years from 1968?
  20. Which city will host the 2012 Olympic games?
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