The FA Cup 1

Published: Tuesday 23rd March 2010
  1. The Football Association (FA) Cup is the oldest football competition in the World. In what year was the first final played?
  2. Who were the winners of the first FA Cup final?
  3. Apart from the second year the FA Cup final was held at which South London venue until 1892?
  4. Which was the first founding team of the Premiership to win the FA Cup in 1883/4?
  5. Between 2001 and 2006 six FA Cup finals were held at Cardiff's Millennium Stadium. Which three clubs won the cup in Wales?
  6. Who was the first foreign manager to win the FA Cup?
  7. Who was the first player to be sent off in a FA Cup final?
  8. Tottenham Hotspur have reached the FA Cup final on nine occasions,winning eight times. Who are the only side to defeat them in a final?
  9. The highest score in a FA Cup final was in 1903, which two teams were involved?
  10. Which goalkeeper broke his neck in 1956 FA Cup final with 15 minutes left to play, yet still finished the game?
  11. What is the largest winning margin in any FA cup match?
  12. Who is the youngest player to play in a FA Cup final?
  13. Which player has scored the most FA Cup final goals?
  14. Who was the last player to score a hat-trick in a FA Cup semi-final?
  15. The first Wembley cup final in 1923 has gained noterity for the manner the crowd was controlled. What nick-name has been given to this match?
  16. What is the only non-English team to win the FA Cup?
  17. Which manager has won the FA Cup the most times?
  18. What was the first FA Cup final to be transmitted on radio?
  19. What was the first FA Cup final to be televised in full?
  20. Which team held the FA Cup for seven years from 1939?
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