World Cup 2

Published: Tuesday 1st June 2010
  1. Who were the beaten World Cup finalists in the following years, [a] 1994, [b] 1966, [c] 1974, [d] 1950, and [e] 1962
  2. Who is the only player to have scored a "hat-trick" in a World Cup Final?
  3. Which country, in nine World Cup tournaments, have never progressed beyond the opening round?
  4. Which two teams played the first indoor match in the 1994 World Cup?
  5. Who was England's top scorer in the 1990 World Cup?
  6. Who is the only player to have played in both a football and cricket world cup?
  7. Which is the only team to have competed in all nineteen World Cup tournaments to date?
  8. How many World Cup Finals have gone to extra-time?
  9. Which was the first African nation to qualify for the World Cup final tournament?
  10. Who was the England team manager at the following World Cups, [a] 1966,[b] 1990, [c] 1950, [d] 1982 and [e] 1998
  11. Which was the first World Cup Final to be decided by a penalty shoot-out?
  12. In which year's World Cup tournament were yellow and red cards introduced?
  13. The 1986 World Cup tournament was held in Mexico, but which country was originally scheduled to be the hosts?
  14. England were eliminated from the World Cup in 1990, 1998 and 2006 as a result of losing a penalty shoot-out, who missed scoring on each occasion?
  15. Statistically what is the most common score in a World Cup tournament match?
  16. Which European country qualified for the World Cup tournament in 1994 for the first time since 1938?
  17. Against which team did Pele score his first World Cup tournament goal?
  18. Who scored all five of Northern Ireland's goals in the 1958 World Cup?
  19. Who scored England's only penalty in the shoot-out against Portugal in the 2006 World Cup?
  20. Which football teams did the following England players play when they won their World Cup Winners medals in 1966, [a] Gordon Banks, [b] Martin Peters, [c] Roger Hunt, [d] Nobby Stiles and [e] George Cohen
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