Formula One 1

Published: Sunday 5th September 2010
  1. Who was the first British Formula One champion?
  2. At which sporting venue would competitors travel the Brabham Straight?
  3. Which former F1 champion has the middle names Ernest Deveraux?
  4. In which Grand Prix did Nigel Mansell score his first win?
  5. Which F1 champion was nicknamed "The Professor"?
  6. Who was the first F1 champion from the USA?
  7. For which car manufacturer did Enzo Ferrari drive?
  8. Which F1 driver was known as "The Iceman"?
  9. In 1970 who became the only driver to win the F1 championship posthumously?
  10. For which F1 team was James Hunt driving when he became World Champion?
  11. Which F1 race is held at the Imola circuit?
  12. Which F1 commentator wrote an autobiography entitled "Unless I'm Very Much Mistaken"?
  13. Who was the first Australian F1 world champion?
  14. Name the three British drivers who finished in the top three in the 1965 championship.
  15. Which F1 team did Nikki Lauda drive for when he first became World Champion?
  16. Who became the oldest F1 world champion at the age of 46?
  17. Which car manufacturer was the first to win 100 F1 races?
  18. Name the FOUR circuits in the UK that have staged F1 Grand Prix.
  19. Which circuit hosted the World's first motor racing grand Prix in 1906?
  20. Name the THREE drivers with the surname HILL to win the drivers championship.
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