The Ryder Cup

Published: Monday 27th September 2010With the 2010 Ryder Cup about to commence at the Celtic Manor in Newport ,South Wales, I thought that it was time for this.
  1. After whom is the Ryder Cup named?
  2. In which year did the inaugural Ryder Cup event take place?
  3. At what venue did the inaugural Ryder Cup take place?
  4. Who were the respective team captains at the inaugural Ryder Cup?
  5. In the current format, how many matches take place in a Ryder Cup?
  6. In which year was the European team introduced to replace GB and Ireland in the Ryder Cup?
  7. Where and in which year did the first European victory take place on US soil in the Ryder Cup?
  8. Who was the victorious European captain for the first European Ryder Cup win on US soil?
  9. Who is the youngest player to take part in a Ryder Cup match?
  10. Who is the oldest player to take part in a Ryder Cup match?
  11. In which two years was the Ryder Cup event tied?
  12. The Ryder Cup is played every other year, when and why was the event changed from odd numbered years to even numbered years?
  13. Which players, up to 2010, have scored the most points in the Ryder Cup for [a] Europe and [b] USA
  14. Who has lost the most Ryder Cup matches for [a] Europe and [b] USA
  15. Which partnership has gained the most points in the Ryder Cup for [a] Europe and [b] USA
  16. How many "holes in one" have been scored in the Ryder Cup to date?
  17. Which Ryder Cup player failed to win a 'Singles' match in 8 attempts yet holds the record of 10 wins in 'Four-Ball' matches?
  18. Which TWO players hold the record for the most points in a single Ryder Cup?
  19. The 2008 Ryder Cup competition was won by the USA ending a streak of three successive victories for the European team. Where was it held?
  20. Where was the 2012 Ryder Cup event held?
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