Rugby Union 1

Published: Wednesday 17th November 2010
  1. Which company took over the sponsorship of the English Rugby Premiership for the 2005-6 season?
  2. Who became the first British winners of the Heineken Cup in 1998?
  3. In Rugby Union, who turned the Five Nations to six and when?
  4. In Rugby Union, what number would a scrum half normally wear?
  5. Which two Rugby Union teams annually compete for the Calcutta Cup?
  6. Who lead South Africa to victory in the 1995 Rugby Union World Cup?
  7. Who was the coach of England's 2003 Rugby Union world cup winners?
  8. In Rugby Union, who has captained the All-Blacks a record 51 times?
  9. What was the name of the schoolboy who according to legend invented Rugby by picking up the ball and running with it?
  10. Who scored the winning drop goal in the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup final?
  11. In Rugby, what is a "garryowen"?
  12. Where and when was the first Rugby Union World Cup held?
  13. Which Welsh rugby star was also a Wimbledon Junior Champion?
  14. Which England cricket captain also gained a Rugby cap for his country?
  15. Rugby Union was last played at the Olympics in 1924, who won the gold on that occasion and are therefore still technically Olympic champions?
  16. Which Rugby Union team play their home matches at Welford Road?
  17. In which country do teams compete for The Currie Cup?
  18. What is the name of the traditional Maori dance performed by the All-Blacks before every game?
  19. In Rugby Union, what is the MINIMUM number of players from each side allowed in a line-out?
  20. Which international Rugby Union team is known as "The Pumas"?
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