The Premier League 1

Published: Sunday 9th January 2011
  1. In what season did the Premier Football League commence?
  2. What were the three teams from Yorkshire in the inaugural Premier Football League season?
  3. Originally the Premier Football League was comprised of 22 teams, in which year were the numbers reduced to 20?
  4. Who were the original Premier Football League sponsors?
  5. Manchester United have been Premier Football League champions on 11 occasions, apart from London clubs who are the only other clubs to have been champions?
  6. In Football's Premier League, who are the current ball sponsors having replaced Mitre in 2000?
  7. In Football's Premier League, up until December 2010 FOUR players have scored 5 goals in one game, name the players and the clubs they were playing for?
  8. Who currently are the [a] youngest and [b] oldest scorer in the Premier League?
  9. Up to the beginning of the 2014 season,which player has made the most appearances within the Premier League?
  10. Who was the highest scorer in the Premier League in the following years, [a] 1992/3 and [b] 2009/10
  11. Who scored the first ever goal in the Premier League?
  12. Who was the first player to score 100 goals in the Premier League?
  13. Who was the first player to score a Premier League hat-trick?
  14. Which TWO players were involved in the first substitution in the Premier League?
  15. Which Premier League team were the first to concede 100 goals in one season?
  16. Who in 2000 became the first non-Englishman to score 100 goals in the Premier League?
  17. Who in the 1999/2000 season became the last Englishman to be Premier League top scorer?
  18. Manchester United were the first team to score NINE goals in a match, who were their opposition?
  19. Who scored the first LIVE televised goal in the English Premier League?
  20. Which TWO premiership football teams start and finish with the same letter?
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