Snooker 1

Published: Tuesday 1st March 2011
  1. Who did Steve Davis defeat to win his first World snooker title in 1981?
  2. Which BBC2 snooker based TV show became at the time one of the most popular shows on TV?
  3. What is the maximum break in a game of Snooker under normal circumstances?
  4. In snooker, who made the first televised maximum break?
  5. In feet, what is the size of a regular [full-size] snooker table?
  6. At the start of a game of snooker, how many balls are on the table?
  7. In snooker, how many balls in total do you have to pot to score a maximum break?
  8. In which country was Snooker said to originate?
  9. Which player organised the first World Snooker Championship in 1927?
  10. At which venue is the current snooker World Championship held?
  11. Which snooker players have the following nicknames, [a] Hurricane, [b] Whirlwind, [c] Dracula, [d] Tornado and [e] Rocket
  12. What was the name of the TV snooker quiz show hosted by Jim Davidson and John Virgo?
  13. Who at 17 was the youngest player to win a ranking snooker tournament?
  14. What did Alex Higgins achieve at the 1972 Snooker World Championship?
  15. Which Scottish player won the snooker World Championship SEVEN times in the 1990s?
  16. Who in 1980 became the first non-UK winner of the snooker World Championship of the modern era?
  17. Three Welshmen have won the snooker World Championship, can you name them?
  18. Which player has reached SIX snooker World Championship finals but has yet to be Champion?
  19. What was the name of the quiz hosted by Dave Lee Travis on Radio One that had a snooker theme?
  20. In snooker, what is the name given to the rest that has an arch-shaped head to raise the cue above the height of the cue ball?
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