Rugby World Cups 1

Published: Wednesday 7th September 2011
  1. Which player has scored the most points in a single Rugby World Cup match?
  2. Which teams have reached a Rugby World Cup final most times?
  3. Where was the Rugby World Cup held in the following years, [a] 1995, [b] 1999, [c] 2003, [d] 2007 and [e] 2011
  4. What is the highest position that Wales have finished in the Rugby World Cup?
  5. Which player has scored the most points in Rugby World Cups?
  6. Which are the only teams to have won the Rugby World Cup when playing at home?
  7. Which player has made the most Rugby World Cup appearances?
  8. Which is the only "Home Nation" never to have reached the last four in the Rugby World Cup?
  9. Which player has scored the most Rugby World Cup tries?
  10. Which TWO Rugby World Cup finals have gone to extra time?
  11. What is the name of the Rugby World Cup trophy?
  12. What is the biggest win in a Rugby World Cup match?
  13. How many Rugby World Cups have Canada competed in?
  14. Which TWO teams contested the first Rugby World Cup final in 1987?
  15. Which player has scored the most tries in one Rugby World Cup match?
  16. Apart from South Africa, what African nations have attended Rugby World Cup tournaments?
  17. Who was the top points scorer at the 2007 Rugby World Cup tournament?
  18. How many RED cards were shown at the 2003 Rugby World Cup tournament?
  19. Which TWO teams competed in the FIRST Rugby World Cup match?
  20. Which country will host the Rugby World Cup in 2019?
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