American Sports 1

Published: Saturday 1st October 2011
  1. Which famous Miami Dolphins quarterback retired in 2000?
  2. In baseball what is the distance between the pitching mound and the home plate?
  3. What is the national sport of Canada?
  4. In which year did the first Superbowl take place?
  5. Which team won the first NBA championship in 1947?
  6. What was the nickname of basketball star Earvin Johnson Jnr.?
  7. Which baseball team is the oldest in US organised sport?
  8. What name is given to the trophy won by the National Hockey League champions?
  9. In which sport is the Vince Lombardi Trophy awarded?
  10. Which team won the NBA championship for EIGHT consecutive years from 1959-1966?
  11. Which team has won the most NHL championships?
  12. In which year did Baseball's World Series commence?
  13. Which football player was nicknamed "The Refrigerator"?
  14. How long is a period in an Ice Hockey match?
  15. Where was Superbowl XX held in 1986?
  16. What trophy is awarded to the NBA champions each year?
  17. Which team has won the Superbowl the most times?
  18. How wide is the goal in Ice Hockey?
  19. Which team has the most Baseball World Series wins?
  20. In American Football how many points are awarded for a touchdown?
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