Football 1

Published: Tuesday 10th April 2012
  1. In which year was the original Wembley stadium opened to the public?
  2. Who scored the first ever goal in the English Premier league?
  3. Name the FOUR Scottish towns that have more than one Scottish league side?
  4. Which current Premiership manager was the World's first £2million player?
  5. Who is the all-time leading scorer of Premiership goals?
  6. Who in 2009 scored the fastest ever goal in a FA Cup final?
  7. Who in 1976 scored all FOUR goals in a 2-2 draw?
  8. In which year was the English Premier League formed?
  9. Which goalkeeper ended his career after winning the treble with Manchester United?
  10. How many times have Liverpool been relegated from the top flight of English football?
  11. Who was the manager of Chelsea football club from 1988 to 1991?
  12. In football, which country scored after only 8 seconds in an International against England in 1994?
  13. In football, how many Scotland caps did TV pundit Alan Hansen win?
  14. Who suddenly quit his job as England football manager in 1977 to take up a role with the United Arab Emirates?
  15. Which English football club plays its home matches at Carrow Road?
  16. In which year was the Spanish Liga formed?
  17. Which was the first African nation to play a football international?
  18. Which was the first football club to concede 100 goals in a Premiership season?
  19. In which year did the famous "White Horse" football cup final take place?
  20. With which football club did goalkeeper Gordon Banks start his league career?
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