Euro Football Championship 3

Published: Monday 25th June 2012
  1. Up until the 1980 European Football Championship tournament, how many teams contested the finals?
  2. Including the 2012 European Football Championship event, how many times has the event been hosted by TWO countries?
  3. Who were the victors in the 1964 European Football Championship?
  4. In which year did England first qualify for the finals of the European Football Championship?
  5. Who defeated England 3-1 to prevent them reaching the 1972 European Football Championship final tournament?
  6. In which stadium was the 1972 European Football Championship final held?
  7. England failed to progress beyond the group stages in the 1976 European Football Championship, which team headed their group and went on to win the tournament?
  8. Who drew 1-1 with England in their opening match of the 1980 European Football Championship, a match that was marred by spectator violence?
  9. England again failed to qualify in the 1984 European Football Championship, who headed their qualifying group?
  10. Although qualifying in 1988, England had a disastrous European Football Championship tournament losing all their group matches. Which were the only TWO England players to find the net this year?
  11. Who was the manager of England during the poor 1984 & 1988 European Football Championship campaigns?
  12. Once again in the 1992 European Football Championships England finished bottom of their group, failing once again to win a match. Which TWO Scandinavian countries went from the group to contest the semi-finals?
  13. Which TWO midlands grounds were used to host matches in the 1996 European Football Championship finals?
  14. Which team went on to beat England 3-2 in the 2000 European Football Championship event, after being 2-0 down after 18 minutes of the match?
  15. In which city was the 2000 European Football Championship final held?
  16. England were beaten by Portugal in the 2004 European Football Championship quarter final in a penalty shoot-out. Which TWO England players missed from the spot?
  17. Which TWO countries made their debut in the 2008 European Football Championship event?
  18. Who scored the winning goal for Spain in the 2008 European Football Championship final?
  19. Which stadium hosted the European Football Championship final in 2012?
  20. Which country will host the European Football Championship in 2016?
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