Olympic Sports 1

Published: Sunday 8th July 2012There are 26 sports represented at London 2012, so here's a quiz with a question about each.
  1. In Olympic Archery events, how far is the shooter from the target?
  2. Which Olympic athletic event is the longest track event?
  3. Badminton was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1992, which was the host city that year?
  4. Who, in 1972, became the first team to defeat the US men's team in Olympic Basketball, thus ending a 7 times gold medal run?
  5. Which is the lightest weight category in Men's Boxing at the 2012 Olympics?
  6. How many medal events will there be in canoeing at London 2012 Olympics?
  7. What are the FOUR types of cycling featured at the London 2012 Olympics?
  8. Where were the Equestrian events held for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic games?
  9. Name the THREE types of sword used in the Olympic fencing events?
  10. Which Olympic stadium outside London will host the bronze medal match in Men's Football?
  11. Who was the first woman to be awarded the perfect ten in Olympic Gymnastics?
  12. Is an Olympic handball court smaller, bigger or the same size as a basketball court?
  13. In which year was Women's (Field) Hockey introduced as an Olympic sport?
  14. How many weight categories are there in the Olympic judo events?
  15. In the Olympic Modern Pentathlon, which TWO events are combined as one?
  16. How many people are there in a boat in the EIGHTS event in Olympic Rowing?
  17. Where will the Sailing events take place in London 2012 Olympics?
  18. What are the THREE positions used in the Olympic shooting events?
  19. How many of an Olympic water polo team are allowed in the water at any time?
  20. According to Boris Johnson, London mayor, what was the original name of Table-Tennis?
  21. What are the loose jacket and trousers worn during a Taekwondo match called?
  22. Which player is Olympic Men's tennis champion as we enter the 2012 event?
  23. How long is the cycling element of the Olympic Triathlon event?
  24. Where are the Olympic Beach Volleyball events being held in 2012?
  25. What are the TWO types of lift in Olympic weight-lifting?
  26. Which winner of an Olympic Wrestling Gold Medal went on to become a professional wrestler?
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