Olympic Sports 2

Published: Sunday 8th July 2012There are 26 sports represented at London 2012, so here's a quiz with a question about each.
  1. At which Olympic venue is the 2012 Archery event being held?
  2. Which throwing event has the shortest men's Olympic record?
  3. Who partnered Nathan Robertson to win Great Britain's only Olympic silver medal in the Badminton event?
  4. Where will the final of the Men's Basketball be held in the London 2012 Olympics?
  5. Boxing has been included as an Olympic sport on every occasion except the 1912 Stockholm games, why was it not included this year?
  6. What are the TWO styles of boat used in the Olympic canoeing events?
  7. Which ONE event controversially replaced the Individual Pursuit, the point's race and the Madison in the 2012 Olympics?
  8. What are the THREE elements of the Olympic Equestrian events?
  9. Which venue will host the Fencing events at London 2012 Olympics?
  10. How many "over-age" players are allowed in each team for the Olympics Men's Football Tournament?
  11. Rhythmic Gymnastics is one of only two events that are NOT contested by men in the Olympics, which is the other?
  12. How many players are there in an Olympic Handball side?
  13. How long is each half in an Olympic (field) Hockey match?
  14. How points are awarded for achieving an IPPON in Olympic Judo?
  15. When first invented, what skills was the Modern Pentathlon supposed to emulate?
  16. How long is an Olympic Rowing event?
  17. By what name were the Olympic Sailing events known by until 1996?
  18. What were used as targets in the 1900 Olympic shooting events?
  19. Which is the SLOWEST Olympic swimming stroke over 100 metres?
  20. What are the FOUR ways that you can score a point at Olympic Table Tennis?
  21. What different weight classes compete in Olympic Taekwondo?
  22. At which games was Tennis reintroduced as an Olympic event after an absence of 64 years?
  23. Above what temperature is the wearing of wet suits prohibited in Olympic Triathlon?
  24. How many players are there in an Olympic Volleyball team?
  25. In the event of two weightlifters lifting the same weight, how is a tie decided in Olympic weight-lifting events?
  26. What are the TWO disciplines of Wrestling competed for in the Olympics?
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