The Premier League 2012/13 -ONE

Published: Friday 17th August 2012
  1. How many seasons has the English Premiership been in existence?
  2. Which premiership football side plays its home games at the Boleyn Ground?
  3. Who will provide the official match balls for the 2012/2013 football season?
  4. Which SEVEN football clubs have been ever-present since the inception of the premiership?
  5. Which supermarket chain will be Reading FC shirt sponsors for the 2012/13 football season?
  6. Which newcomers to the football Premiership finished as runners-up in the Championship last season?
  7. Who has replaced Pat Rice as assistant manager at Arsenal football club?
  8. Which football player has Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers brought in from his old club Swansea?
  9. Which player at the start of the 2012/13 football season holds the record for number of Premiership appearances?
  10. Who was awarded the Premiership Player of the Year Award for the 2011/12 season?
  11. Who have Norwich City football club appointed to replace Paul Lambert as manager?
  12. Which England football goalkeeper has joined QPR from West Ham?
  13. How many nationalities are represented by managers of Premier League football clubs?
  14. What number will Manchester United's new signing, Robin Van Persie, wear for the 2012/13 football season?
  15. Which young England football player has left Everton to join Manchester City for a reported £12m fee?
  16. Which Aston Villa football player was given the chance to re-join the club by his new manager after the previous incumbent had let him go?
  17. Who is the oldest manager of a Premier League football team?
  18. After making 66 first team appearances for Aberdeen, which talented midfield football player has joined Wigan Athletic?
  19. Which current Premiership football side has had the most managers since the beginning of the Premier League?
  20. Who replaced the sacked Harry Redknapp as manager of Tottenham Hotspur?
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